Kadarius Toney Likely To Play In The Super Bowl


Kadarius Toney made headlines this past weekend, but once again for all the wrong reasons. Toney hopped on a livestream and openly vented about how he wasn’t injured yet hasn’t stepped on the field for the Kansas City Chiefs since Week 15. A game against the New England Patriots that saw him deflect a pass, resulting in an interception. 

When Toney was ruled out for the AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens, it was just assumed that he really did have an injury. After all, the thought is that the Chiefs need all the help they can get at wideout. Although, it also makes sense that Toney would be a healthy scratch given his track record on the field. This situation feels more like the Chiefs trying to save some dignity when it comes to Toney being a healthy scratch, and he didn’t want any of it. 

Kadarius Toney Might Return Punts Again


Well, his outburst on social media might have earned him a shot at appearing in the Super Bowl. The media talked with both offensive coordinator Matt Nagy and special team’s coordinator Dave Toub. Nagy was asked about Toney’s headspace, saying, “It’s a day-by-day thing for him and where he’s at.” As for Toub, he said that there’s a genuine chance that we get to see Toney suit up in the Super Bowl, not as their starting wide receiver, but as a punt returner. For those that might not remember, Toney had a MASSIVE 65-yard punt return in the fourth quarter of the Chiefs Super Bowl win over the Philadelphia Eagles last year. It was the play that helped set up the go-ahead touchdown. 

It doesn’t feel like there’s bad blood between Toney and any other player on the roster either. When speaking to Travis Kelce, he said, “Man, I just want him to know it’s always love in this building. I know guys go through things both in this building and in their personal lives. He h ad a baby girl, beautiful baby girl so shout out to Kadarrius for that one. But I think you know, what’s real is what happens in this building and how we can channel that. And I just wanted to make sure he knew that we were all still behind him and ready to go get the Super Bowl.”

Andy Reid Says Toney’s Injury Is Legit

When Toney first ripped into the coaching staff for “faking” or lying about an injury, head coach Andy Reid was one of the first who had to answer those claims. Mind you, this was right before their biggest game of the season, so it couldn’t have possibly been at a worse time. Nevertheless, Reid said that Toney’s injury was “not made up by any means”. Even if we see Toney in the Super Bowl, it’ll be in a very reduced role. It’s hard to see the team change up what’s worked for them in this postseason. Toney will likely take a few punt returns, but that’ll be all we can really expect. 

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