Justin Tucker Talks About Pre-Game Incident With Mahomes And Kelce

By CJ Carlson

Justin Tucker found himself in the middle of a pre-game incident before the AFC Championship game began between the Baltimore Ravens and the Kansas City Chiefs. Tucker was warming up in the spot that he usually does, when Kelce walked over and tossed Tucker’s helmet and equipment. Not long after, Mahomes stepped over and continuously tossed or kicked the equipment that he was attempting to use. Of course, the internet had a field day with this.

When the game was over, reporters caught up with Tucker to ask was really happened. He said that Mahomes initially walked over to him and asked him if he could move his helmet. Tucker admits that he did move it, but Kelce walked over afterwards and took it upon himself to move it even further away. When asked if he was upset about it, he said, “I just thought it was all some gamesmanship, all in good fun. But it seemed to be taken a little more seriously. I’m totally willing to let it all go, but… that’s just what I’ve done for 12 years and it’s not like I’m out there trying to be problematic.

Justin Tucker Isn’t Very Concerned About It

Justin Tucker

There might be some of you out there that are confused why Tucker was even in the same end zone as Mahomes and Kelce before the game. Tucker answered that as well. He said, “For those that don’t know, the way it works is each team’s kicker goes to the other team’s designated warmup area on the field. For me, it’s usually 90 mins before kickoff. I’ve been doing the exact same thing for 12 years, never really had a problem with anybody.”

While it might be very easy to point at this and add fuel to the fire regarding the hatred of Mahomes and Kelce, Tucker didn’t seem to mind it all that much. In fact, the situation was all in good fun according to his own words. However, you can’t help but notice that neither Mahomes nor Kelce were smiling throughout the videos that were captured, while Tucker was noticeably grinning. At the end of the day though, if Tucker has no concern over it, then it likely isn’t anything worth worrying about. 

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