Jets vs Bills: Week 1 Recap


By Steven Luker

Aaron Rodgers Jets Debut – Didn’t Go As Planned

The Monday night football game on week 1 and the debut of Aaron Rodgers for the New York Jets. Before we get into the game these are what the lines are for betting the Bills had a -2 on the spread and the over/under was 44.5 and the money line was Buffalo -129 and New York Jets are +110. These all according to CBS Sports.


Now onto the game during the Jets first drive of Aaron Rodgers debut for the Jets you think it will go all to plan he plays good and everything but things took the worst for the Jets Aaron Rodgers went down after four plays of the game Aaron Rodgers get injured by Buffalo Bills defender Leonard Floyd and when we look at the replay you see Aaron Rodgers grabbing his knee and was taken off the field by trainers.

Then Aaron Rodgers went to the medical tent then a cart showed up and Aaron Rodgers was taken in to get a MRI and he had a boot on his leg. Zach Wilson took over for Rodgers. On the Bills Josh Allen was not doing well and potentially had the Madden Curse on him. At halftime the score was 13-3 Bills. So now the question everyone was wondering did Aaron Rodgers return the answer is no he was done they are reporting it is a left Achilles tendon. If you are wondering where in the human body that injury is on your lower part of your foot the picture below shows where it is.


Now onto the Jets defense in the game had some light outs by Jordan Whitehead a former Tampa Bay Bucs he intercepted the ball from Josh Allen three times. That was where the defense showed up to play for the Jets. The game was going to be all Bills at the beginning then things changed once Whitehead intercepted the ball three times that showed the defense on the Jets could be a possible dangerous threat to people throwing the ball.

Let’s fast forward to the last minute of the fourth quarter of the game. The Jets are down and marching on the field and making great plays. Zach Wilson connected to Allen Lazard in the fourth quarter for a 24 yard throw to make it successful and got the Jets in good range for the touchdown.

With 10 seconds left in the game the Bills were down by three and they sent out their kicker Tyler Bass during the broadcast Joe Buck and Troy Aikman stated during warm ups Bass kicked as far as 60 yards and made it. So now let’s tell what happened. Bass kick went up, hit the left post and doinked in and the kick was good from 50 yards. That sent the game into overtime. 

Now onto Overtime the Bills won the coin toss and decided to receive first and the Jets defender at it. Immediately after the touchback the Bills got called for false start and made them go back five yards making it a 1st and 15 for the Bills. During the 1st and 15 the Bills couldn’t connect making it 2nd and 15. Then James Cook took the ball and ran only 2 yards making it 3rd and 13. Then Bills went into shotgun formation and Josh Allen tried to connect with Stefon Diggs but Diggs couldn’t connect with him forcing the Bills a three and out.

If you don’t know what 3 and out is, it is defined as follows: three and out is a situation in American football in which a team, after starting an offensive possession, executes three plays, fails to get a first down, and then punts. The Bills punted the ball to the Jets and their rookie undrafted Xavier Gipson of Stephen F. Austin returned the punt for a touchdown to seal the deal. Xavier Gipson was part of the Stephen F. Austin team that last season scored 98 points against Warner.

Last Year draft Pick Breece Hall had a 83 yard run and that is a long run for a running back so far this season. The final numbers for both quarterbacks are as follows: Josh Allen 29-41 236 yards with 1 touchdown and 3 pick 6s. Zach Wilson 14-21 140 yards with 1 touchdown and 1 pick 6 and Aaron Rodgers was 0-1 and 6 yards but left after four plays.

What could possibly happen with the Jets if Aaron Rodgers is out for a long time? Why did the hype at the stadium die down once Rodgers got hurt? Overall, what are your thoughts on the Monday Night Game?


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