Javon Hargrave Hasn’t Forgotten 2023 Super Bowl Loss To Chiefs


By CJ Carlson

Javon Hargrave knows what it takes to make it into the Super Bowl, and he knows what it feels like when you lose. Hargrave was a defensive lineman on the Philadelphia Eagles and felt the pain when they were defeated by the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl. Since then, he’s signed with the San Francisco 49ers, and has made the Super Bowl to face off with the Chiefs again. When talking to Hargrave, it’s apparent that he hasn’t forgotten the loss from a year ago.

Javon Hargrave Remembers Well


A reporter asked Hargrave if he’s reflected on the loss to the Chiefs in last year’s Super Bowl. To that, he said, “I think the loss is the only thing I think about.” Hargrave notably left the Eagles in the offseason so that he could sign a massive four-year, $81 million deal with the 49ers to bolster their defensive line. Since signing with them, he’s racked up seven sacks and notched himself a trip to the Pro Bowl. But, if there’s one thing that Hargrave remembers, it’s that he and the rest of the Eagles defensive line didn’t get a single sack against Patrick Mahomes in the big game. 

He was asked about getting after Mahomes, and he said, “Pat sees the rush It ain’t like he’s just staring at the rush, but he feels the rush. Even when you’re winning your rush, he knows how to make somebody miss and get the ball out real quick. And it ain’t like he’s trying to run the ball, he’ll just make somebody miss to make a big play. We just all gotta play together and swarm. We’ve got to get back to playing our brand of football, because it’s going to take everybody. It ain’t no one person that can win this game. It’s going to take us all having a big game.”

Arik Armstead Shared His Teammates Sentiments

It wasn’t just Hargrave that was blunt in his response to his previous Super Bowl loss to the Chiefs. Arik Armstead felt the Super Bowl loss that the 49ers took against the Chiefs a few years prior. He said, “I want to win just as bad as I do for myself as I do for all my teammates. I want to share that other side of the coin, I guess, that winning experience and that happiness with everyone.” He also continued to mention a few of his other teammates that were there for the 2019 loss to the Chiefs in the Super Bowl and how they certainly remember that loss well. 

There is no question that this 49ers team wants revenge on the Chiefs for what they did to them back in 2019-2020. Hargrave in particular wants revenge for what happened to the Eagles just last year. We’ll see if that defensive line can bring the energy early on and set the tone. 

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