By Thom Profeta

Raiders -Giants Week 9 Preview


As the New York Giants prepare to face the Las Vegas Raiders this weekend, fans, myself included, are eagerly anticipating a hard-fought battle with all the challenges the Giants continue to face this season.  There are key strategies and factors that could contribute to their success and potentially secure a victory against the Raiders.

Let’s start with the Raiders’ defense. In my opinion, they have shown vulnerabilities in recent matchups, particularly in defending the run. Saquon Barkley, whose explosive plays and elusiveness, providing he stays healthy, can exploit these weaknesses. So, if the G Men establish a strong ground game early on, not only can they control the tempo of the game but also open up opportunities for the passing game. 

New York’s offensive line has faced its fair share of criticism as well this season. However, the O line changes made, due to injuries and poor production, has certainly improved their performance which can be a game-changer.  Providing better protection for QB Daniel Jones and opening up running lanes for Barkley, the O line can dictate the flow of the game and give the Giants a chance to control the clock and sustain drives.  Let’s, not see the  R2 + P = P . Or, as Giant fans know it,  Run, Run, Pass, Punt!

We all know every game presents unique matchups, and the Giants have to identify and exploit their advantages against the Raiders. Whether it’s utilizing the speed and agility of wide receiver Kadarius Toney against the Raiders’ secondary or employing creative play designs to get second year tight end Daniel Bellinger involved.  At 6’6”, 255 pounds, he’s no Mark Bavaro or Jeremy Shockey, but he’s big, and maybe the spark the Giants need to step it up!

The way things are going for the G Men, averaging only 11.9 points per game, something needs to change!  The Giants must exploit favorable matchups to gain an edge.  Something they’ve  fallen short of so far this season.  

The Big Blue’ defense have demonstrated the ability to create turnovers this season. Unfortunately, the Giants haven’t been able to capitalize on them.  

They must seize on every opportunity from forced turnovers against the Raiders’ offense, who, as of late, struggled with ball security. By creating short-field situations and denying the Raiders’ offense momentum, this can (hopefully) increases the Giants chances of success.  I am optimistic.  

The coaching decisions and in-game adjustments will play a crucial role in the Giants’ success against the Raiders. The coaching staff must make sound choices in play-calling, clock management, and situational decision-making. By capitalizing on momentum swings and adjusting game plans based on the Raiders’ defensive schemes, the Giants can keep the Raiders off balance, and increase their chances of victory.   

While the New York Giants do face an uphill battle against the Las Vegas Raiders this Sunday, there are clear paths to success. Exploiting defensive vulnerabilities, capitalizing on turnovers, improving offensive line play, leveraging matchup advantages, and executing effective game management.

With all that said, the Giants can position themselves for a hard-fought victory. The team’s ability to execute these strategies with precision and determination will be key in their pursuit of success this weekend. With the right game plan and a united effort, the Giants may, yes, I said ‘may’, have the potential to overcome the odds and emerge triumphant against the Raiders. 

Be it as it may, as a life long Giant fan, I do remain firm on my prediction from weeks ago.  Just being a realist, the Giants will not surpass 5 wins this season.  Come on G Men, prove me wrong!

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