Dolphins And Chiefs Playoff Game Is Anticipating Freezing Cold Weather

By CJ Carlson

One playoff game has been frustrating fans, and it seems like it might get even worse out there. The Miami Dolphins are traveling to take on the Kansas City Chiefs during Wild Card weekend. When it was finalized that these teams would meet, the NFL said that the game would be exclusively streamed on Peacock, something that angered fans almost immediately. Now, the league has warned fans that they might be going to the game about incoming freezing weather. 


The National Weather Service predicted “extremely frigid” temperatures in Kansas City on Saturday night. The full quote stated, “It will be dangerously cold Saturday when the Kansas City Chiefs battle the Miami Dolphins at 8 p.m. in Kansas City. The National Weather Service in Kansas City said the temperature could struggle to rise above zero degrees, and wind chill could hit –10 to as much as –35 degrees.”

The league is still looking into a potential move, though it isn’t likely that it’ll come ahead of Saturday’s game. Andy Slater reported that, despite the freezing cold weather coming in, the NFL won’t be changing the date, nor will they change the location. We’ve seen the league step in and change locations or dates for games before due to weather concerns, but this isn’t going to be one of those times. For fans that are going, be careful, this one might be tough to sit through.

NFL Angered Fans By Placing Playoff Game On Peacock

As I mentioned earlier, the fans were already upset about the decision to put a playoff game exclusively on a streaming service. They did this once earlier in the season and nobody was happy about it. This time around, it’s the same feeling. Almost immediately following a reminder tweet that you’d have to pay to watch this playoff game, fans were responding by saying that they’d just be streaming the game online instead. 

You’d have to imagine that the league is aware of the fans’ frustration over a very important playoff game being on a streaming service that not everybody has or can afford to buy. I wonder if this is a trend that will continue happening as the year continues, or if they will listen to the fans and move aware from exclusive streaming deals for certain games. 

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