David Carr Thinks Jalen Hurts Should Be Benched


By CJ Carlson

David Carr Fully Believes Jalen Hurts Should Be Benched

It’s common to see “analysts” overreacting after a player/team has a bad game. However, these overreactions can sometimes be so irrational that you don’t even know where to begin with it. That’s exactly what happened this weekend after the Philadelphia Eagles were dominated by the San Francisco 49ers. 

Philadelphia’s 42-19 loss was just their second of the season. Some could think that it was expected due to how badly San Francisco wanted to get their revenge for the NFC Championship game a year ago. And yet, this loss has people calling for a quarterback change.

Former NFL quarterback David Carr, brother of Derek Carr, said that the Eagles should bench Jalen Hurts in favor of backup Marcus Mariota. Carr mentioned that he believes the team should make the change due to Hurts’ inability to read a defense properly. He implied that it was because of an injury that is ailing him, and that he feels the team should allow him to recover from for a few weeks. 


Benching Jalen Hurts Just Doesn’t Make Sense

Of course, when these statements hit social media, David was torn apart for what many believe to be complete stupidity. He heard those comments but didn’t change his mind on what he said. In fact, he doubled down. The day after, he said, “Why play Marcus? I don’t know, to give Jalen a chance to rest, to sit.

You can’t win with a backup quarterback? You can’t win with Jake Browning? With Gardner Minshew? Gardner did it on this team, Philly, last season, when Jalen sat, right? He’s doing it right now in Indy. You can definitely do it with Marcus, who can run the football. You can give Marcus 25 carries on Sunday, 25. Go at it, create one on ones on the outside, I think that would be fantastic. If that’s the case and Jalen has to sit, great. And if he’s healthy, fully rested into the playoffs, they have a chance to win the Super Bowl.”

To dive further into the comment that he made about Philadelphia playing well with Minshew under center in 2022, they really didn’t. The team lost every game that Jalen Hurts didn’t play a season ago. Granted, Hurts didn’t play his best football on Sunday, but that shouldn’t change what he’s already accomplished this year. He’s got his team to a 10-2 record, the best in the league, and still threw for 298 yards and a touchdown in the loss to the 49ers.

He also ran for a touchdown. The only negative from his performance was the completion percentage and other poor reads, none of which resulted in a turnover. It’s unbelievably difficult to imagine Jalen Hurts being benched, especially in favor of Mariota, a guy that was benched on the Atlanta Falcons a season ago. 


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