Colts vs. Texans Week 2 Preview

By Steven Luker

Betting odds Colts vs Texans

On Sunday morning the game of the Colts versus the Texans will be a matchup of the two rookie quarterbacks in the draft from last draft we have C.J. Stroud vs. Anthony Richardson in this game both teams are 0-1 but before we get into the two quarterbacks and match up I will go over the betting values of this game. According to BetMGM the odds,spread, and Over/under BetMGM have the Colts -1.5  and the total of 39.5. The Indianapolis Colts money line is -125 and the Houston Texans are +105. These are the odds as of Wednesday September 13th 2023 at 13:43 PST.

Now onto the quarterbacks in this matchup of Anthony Richardson vs. C.J. Stroud

C.J. Stroud comes from Ohio State and Urban Meyer and coach Ryan Day  and before he was playing he was playing back up to Justin Fields who is now on the Chicago Bears in 2020. Also C.J. Stroud is a Southern Californian and went to the school Rancho Cucamonga. C.J. Stroud also played in three seasons for Ohio State. C.J. Stroud was a finalist for the Heisman Trophy and he finished third behind Caleb Williams who won it 2022 and second place current Los Angeles Chargers who was drafted in the 7th round Max Duggan.

Anthony Richardson on the other hand is from the University of Florida same school as Tim Tebow. Anthony Richardson coaches while with the Florida Gators are Dan Mullen his freshmen and sophomore year and last was Billy Napier his junior year. Anthony Richardson was backing up current Cincinnati Bearcats Emory Jones his freshmen year. As you are noticing that both of these quarterbacks started as backups in their school. This is a normal thing with freshman quarterbacks on schools that are in the SEC or Big10 or any Power5 teams.

colts vs texans

NFL Draft Combine 2023 results:

The NFL Combine is an event to help scouts get a better understanding of the players in the draft pool for the upcoming draft. In this part we are going to give you the results of the two quarterbacks of Anthony Richardson and C.J. Stroud so you can compare who is the better one. To start we will analyze C.J. Stroud 40 yard dash was a 4.74 and compare that to Anthony Richardson who ran a 4.43 on his 40 yard dash the fastest of all the quarterbacks in the combine. The difference between the two is 0.31 seconds which is not bad at all. These two quarterbacks are two of the top prospects during this draft. 

colts vs texans

Where did they get picked in the NFL Draft?:

Now we are fast forwarding to the day of the NFL Draft C.J. Stroud was picked number 2 in front of Bryce Young in the draft and Anthony Richardson was drafted fourth in the draft. Now let’s talk about who got the better contract. According to spotrac Anthony Richardson contract is a 4 year, $33,994,031 dollar contract. This is his rookie contract with the Colts.

Now onto C.J. Stroud contract according to spotrac is a 4 year, $36,279,243 dollar contract. Now the question is who is making more money in the deal. Well see both quarterbacks are signed to a four year deal worth 30 million dollars each. Now the big difference is that C.J. Stroud is making 2 million two hundred eighty five thousand and two hundred and twelve dollars more than Anthony Richardson. Which is somewhat a big difference but only a difference of two million dollars for a rookie contract.

Who Did they replace on their team?

The big question is who did C.J. Stroud and Anthony Richardson replace them on their team. Now I will explain who they are replacing starting with C.J. Stroud is replacing Davis Mills who played two seasons for Texans and his numbers are 28 games 5-20-1 record 555 for 873 and a 63.6 percent completion over 5,782 yards with 33 touchdowns and 25 interceptions.

Anthony Richardson on the other hand is replacing 28-3 victim Matt Ryan and Sam Ehlinger for the Colts. Also during preseason Anthony Richardson was battling against former Jacksonville quarterback and former Eagles backup Garder Minshew and last you replacement quarterback that took Matt Ryan place Sam Ehliger.

Who Do I see winning this game?

Well this game is going to make one team start 0-2 in the season and to other going to be in .500 so I feel it going just come down to defense and I see in my eyes C.J. Stroud will get the better hand probably at half time and then I see Anthony Richardson  turning it around in the second half. Remember the Colts are playing without Jonathan Taylor since they are trying to deal Taylor somewhere. But the final score will be 28-21 a difference of a touchdown let me know your thoughts on who do you think will win the game in the comments below.

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