Chiefs TE Travis Kelce claps back: “Hey Justin Tucker, don’t be a F*****G D**K!”

*Taylor Swift BF was embroiled in temper-tantrum controversy 
*Former former fans of Kelce feel he’s becoming a diva
*Incident happened pregame of the AFC Championship Game

Travis Kelce recently clapped back at Justin Tucker following their pregame confrontation at the AFC Championship. Kelce accused the Baltimore Ravens kicker of intentionally obstructing Patrick Mahomes during warmups, using harsh language to describe Tucker’s behavior.

The incident has continued to attract attention, with Tucker, Mahomes, and now Kelce commenting on it. 

Kelce takes to his podcast to air out grievances over Mahomes/Tucker incident

Speaking on his “New Heights” podcast alongside his brother Jason, Kelce did not mince words. He acknowledged Tucker appeared to be joking while clapping, but emphasized that the Chiefs were not in a mood for such antics.

Kelce pointed out on his podcast the informal code among NFL specialists to avoid interfering with opponents’ preparations before games. He took issue with Tucker’s disregard for this, particularly with leaving his helmet and equipment in the quarterbacks’ warm-up area.

“If you want to be a f***ing d*** about it, you keep your helmet and your football and your f***ing kicking tee right where the quarterbacks are warming up and they’re dropping, eyes are looking left and they’ve got a helmet down by their feet.” 

Kelce, true to his word, removed Tucker’s helmet from the area to prevent any distraction to Mahomes during Sunday’s game.

He later apologized for his reaction, acknowledging Tucker’s wink during the incident as a sign of jest. However, Kelce emphasized his serious demeanor at the time, warning that he would not tolerate such behavior.


“If you’re gonna be a d*** I promise you, I can one-up you every time.”

Despite the heated exchange, Kelce commended Tucker for his exceptional skills as a kicker. Nonetheless, he clearly stated that such actions towards his teammates would not be acceptable in the future.

Kelce has been doing a podcast with his brother, Philadelphia Eagles C Jason Kelce. Jason was recently named one of People Magazines “Sexiest Men Alive” and made headlines for his bare-chested “Chewbacca” celebration during his brother’s game against the Buffalo BIlls. The younger Kelce has been dating mega-star Taylor Swift, bringing the NFL an extra $300 million in revenue this season.

No word if Swift ran her fingers through the elder Kelce’s chest hair.