Carolina Panthers HC Frank Reich Has Seen Enough; Takes Play-Calling Duties Back from OC Thomas Brown

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Frank Reich is calling the shots

A mere three games after delegating play-calling responsibilities to offensive coordinator Thomas Brown, Panthers head coach Frank Reich has decided to reassume the role. Reich, addressing the media, announced his return to play-calling for the team’s upcoming game against the Dallas Cowboys. He emphasized that this shift does not reflect on the performance of the Panthers’ offensive coordinator.

Yeah….right. Nice try, Frankie.

Reich, drawing on his extensive experience as an offensive coordinator and play-caller, expressed his desire to contribute all he can to the team’s offense in the remaining eight games of the season. He made it clear that the process would remain collaborative, with Brown continuing to lead the offense’s overall strategy and game planning.

“I’m in the position I’m in because of years of being a successful offensive coordinator and play-caller. We have eight games left, and I just want to share my attention and everything I can do and everything I can bring to bear to help the offense take the next step. It’ll still be collaborative. Thomas is still running the show as far as the offense and all the install meetings and game plans. He’s still at the center. He and I work together like we’ve been all year. I trust Thomas more than anybody, and he’s helped me become a better coach and better man. This isn’t about that. This is about the team. This is about us all playing a role we think can help us these next eight games.”


Carolina had initially assigned play-calling duties to Brown during their Week 7 bye, following a 0-6 start to the season. While the Panthers secured their first win in Week 8, their offensive performance has remained lackluster, scoring only 15, 13, and 13 points in their last three games, respectively.

Reich reassured that this change would not adversely affect Brown’s career with the Panthers, acknowledging his strengths as a coach and individual. While that’s nice & political of him, who actually believes this move will have no effect on his career trajectory? Not me.

The Panthers’ offense, with rookie quarterback Bryce Young, has faced challenges throughout the season. Young, the first overall pick in last year’s draft class, has shown signs of struggle, ranking low among quarterbacks in various metrics such as yards per attempt, passer rating, and completion percentage. Issues like ineffective blocking and limited separation from targets have contributed to these difficulties. Young’s development has seemed to stall out, showcasing unproductive habits like poor footwork & bad coverage reads on a weekly basis.

Reich downplayed the significance of this change in play-calling, suggesting that only about 10% of the offense might see alterations and that the approach would continue to be a team effort.

This move underscores the pressure Reich faces in Carolina, although he knew success within the franchise would not be overnight, but rather a process. Unfortunately, the former ‘Bama QB Bryce Young has not lived up to his reputation as an elite gun-slinger, so far. They also spent significant draft capital in their pursuit of the former Heisman Trophy winner. While the Panthers currently have the NFL’s worst record, it will not accumulate into a top pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. They traded the rights to their 2024 first round pick to the Chicago Bears in order to acquire Young. 

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