Bill Belichick Does The “Walk of Shame”? You Decide:


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Belichick’s Walk of Shame

“In a stunning show of solidarity with the Fembotz everywhere, New England Patriots legendary HC (and friend of the 45th POTUS) Bill Belichick recently decided to take a strong stance against misogyny by draping his laced heels over his shoulder before taking what is known throughout sorority social circles as ‘the Walk of Shame,’ showing men can do it to.”

Man, would that have been a fun opener to do. Unfortunately for me & my moral compass, I couldn’t do it. Nevertheless, I will dig in a bit.

Apparently, there’s footage from a slampiece’s Ring-Cam showing Pats HC Bill Belichick going full Putin amidst a brisk Massachusetts morning before heading out on his “walk of shame.”  The video, purportedly showing a man resembling New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick in a casual, unguarded moment, has garnered attention on social media, but for some reason hasn’t been widely reported by major news outlets.


This will not stand.

The video being passed around on Twitter shows a shirtless man, who bears a strong resemblance to Belichick. He is in a completely disheveled state, possibly trying to remember where he parked his car or if he left his underwear in a place her kid would see it when he/she woke up. Most people (both men & women) with an active social life that includes blacking-out have, in fact, made this march home; whether that home is a dorm room, a two-bedroom apartment, or a two-story house with a killer man cave pretending to be a basement.

While the rest of major media has ignored this story, choosing to focus more on the Pats quarterback dilemma, leave it to the Pat McAfee Show to not let this pop-culture gem slip through the cracks. Known for its unconventional approach to sports reporting, PMS dedicated a 13-minute segment to the video, indicating its appeal to certain audiences despite the lack of widespread media coverage.

In real news, the New England Patriots still suck.

They are dealing with challenges in their quarterback lineup, and HC Belichick remains noncommittal regarding Will Grier’s role as a starter in the upcoming game against the New York Giants. Grier, while acknowledged by Belichick for his eagerness to learn, lacks extensive experience in the Patriots’ offense and has not started a game since 2019. His role has primarily been as an emergency quarterback, making his potential for in-game play this Sunday uncertain.


It is clear that the Mac Jones era is done in the Boston area. Will it be Caleb Williams or Michael Pennix who Belly drafts as his new QB in the 2024 draft, or will he look to pluck a QB from draft obscurity in the later rounds, hoping to find himself another Tom Brady, or even a Brock Purdy?

Personally, I think it will be Drake Maye from UNC. He’s young, can run and pass, and comes from another legendary coach’s pipeline, Mack Brown (Belly likes him some old school).

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