Bill Belichick Could Be Eying The New York Giants


By CJ Carlson

Bill Belichick is arguably the greatest coach of all-time, and yet he’s unemployed right now with little to no offers on the table. At least, none that we are aware of. Only the Atlanta Falcons really showed much interest in his services, which makes you wonder if teams feel like he’s lost a step, or if he has just become incredibly picky on where he wants to be. Regardless, there’s one team that could be creeping out of nowhere for the Belichick race.

That team would be the New York Giants. And while it’s incredibly likely that it won’t be in 2024, it could absolutely happen next season. The thought is that the Giants would part ways with Brian Daboll as the head coach if the team underperforms once again. That feels definite right now. If that happens, Belichick could simply wait out this year and enjoy unemployment before heading to the spot he wanted to go to anyways.

There are a few problems with that, and ESPN’s Jordan Raanan mentioned it. He said, “I’ve heard this multiple times over the past five, six, seven years. And it’s a dirty little secret, maybe, about Bill Belichick and the Giants. He has great affinity and memories with the Giants organization. I don’t think he looks at the Giants the same way he used to look at the Giants when he was here.”

Bill Belichick Loves The Giants, Just Not How They’re Set Up


Raanan also made sure to point out that Belichick has spoken to people about his distaste for how the Giants were setting up their organization for the future. In fact, Raanan even pinpointed some of that disdain right at their owners John Mara and Steve Tisch. The full quote was, “He’s directly told that to people, be careful about the organization and their setup and the way it’s run. That’s happened. That’s been relayed to me on multiple occasions. So, yes, Bill Belichick loves the New York Football Giants, the organization, and the memories he has from the past. It doesn’t mean he’s bat**** crazy in love with the Giants organization right now.”

For those that might not understand why Belichick has such an affinity for the Giants, it’s because he used to coach there when he was younger. He earned two Super Bowl rings as an assistant and defensive coordinator with the team for around 11 years. It would only make sense that he would prefer to end his career around where he really began it in New York.

None of this information could matter at all either if Belichick decides to take a different coaching job this season. The majority of the openings are closed already, with the Washington Commanders vacancy heavily expected to go to Ben Johnson of the Detroit Lions. That still leaves Belichick, Mike Vrabel, and Pete Carroll without head coaching gigs despite wanting one. 

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