Big Apple Turnovers! Philadelphia Eagles 14 – New York Jets 20


By The Dunkin Dad

Eagles at Jets Game Recap


by The Dunkin Dad on October 15

In what was supposed to be nothing more than a glorified scrimmage, between the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles and a decimated New York Jets team; a competitive football game broke out. Just a few hours after, the only other unbeaten team, San Francisco, lost to the hapless Cleveland Browns and their 3rd string Quarterback; when the dust settled, the Eagles went home losers for the first time all year. 

Marred by inconsistent offensive play calling, lack of execution, and 4 (how many 4!) turnovers; the Philadelphia Eagles were exposed for the team that they really are. Yes, their record stands at 5 wins & 1 loss, but underneath that sterling exterior is a team going in the wrong direction. 

As the game progressed, the Eagles were unable to effectively move the ball on a steady basis, managing just two scores the entire day. Their first offensive drive was promising and seemed to be setting the Eagles up for a cake-walk victory. A classic time consuming venture that resulted in a 19 play, 91 yards, 9:47 touchdown; it looked as if Philadelphia was poised to beat the Jets into submission. 7-0 Eagles

However, unlike other foes this season, the Jets were not phased by the Eagles relentless aerial attack and pounding ground game. The Jets weathered the early storm of Hurts to Brown (7 catches, 131 yards)  and began to push back. You see, sometimes numbers lie; and interestingly enough, your’s truly had a great discussion (argument) with some #BillsMafia fans last week, in regards to value catches: go check out the X feed @the_dunkin_dad: search Diggs. 

After giving up the early touchdown the Jets responded with an amicable drive ending in a FG. 7–3 Eagles

On the following drive, the Jets were able to force an errant throw from Jalen Hurts (****) that deflected off of Dallas Goedert and into the hands of star defensive lineman Q. Williams. Williams would be a thorn in the Eagles side all day long. Whether it was disrupting the passing game or straight up making the Eagles offensive line look huma; Williams was dialed in. 

Coming off the interception the Eagles would hold serve and force the Jets into going for it on 4th and short. Unable to gain the down and distance; the Jets gave the ball back to Philly in great position to score before the end of the First half. Wasting no time, Hurts went back to Brown for a 49 yard gain down the far hash mark setting up a Swift touchdown with a little over 5 mins left before recess. 14-3 Eagles

Surely, the secondary of New York was being toasted, but the offense kept pushing along like “The Little Engine That Could.” Making play after play, dinking and ducking; the Jets moved into Fg range, and just before the Two Minute warning cut the Eagles lead to 14-6

No strangers to late quarter scores and knowing that they would be receiving the Second Half Kickoff; the Eagles went to work and looked to flex their offensive prowess. Unfortunately, the Eagles would only run 3 plays (plus a roughing the passer call on Williams) before Swift fumbled the ball back to the Jets with 1:53 on the clock. It should be noted that Williams and the Jets D-line were relentlessly pressuring Hurts, and losing Lane Johnson to injury (ankle) certainly did not help the Eagles’ cause.

Fueled with confidence from their defense (again), the Jets managed the clock with expertise. Using a combination of all three of their timeouts and the time left in the half; they easily set themselves up for a 35 yard Fg (Zuerlein 35) as the whistle blew. 14-9 Eagles

After floundering into the locker room; the Eagles could at least take solace, in the fact that they would be getting first crack at the Jets defense as the Third Quarter began. However, the Eagles offensive game plan was just flat out awful. The Jets were not any better; as both teams would trade punts; the Eagles twice to the Jets one. 

On the Jets second possession of half two, they were able to move the ball just enough to bring the score to within a FG. 14-12 (Zuerlein 38 yd).

Somehow, after almost three quarters of inept offensive play calling, the Eagles retained a lead. Jalen Hurts continued to miss, misled and hurried his passes. But, that soon would end; as Hurts hurried to find D. Smith deep down the field. Hurts was being pressured (Williams) on the play and his pass was easily intercepted for his 2nd one in the afternoon. Effectively, this was the bodyblow the Jets were looking for since early in the second; or was it?

The Jets offense then did what Jets offenses are known to do; 3 plays, negative yards and punt. Seemingly, this was surely the end of the game; the Jets now had multiple opportunities to overcome the powerful Eagles and take the lead, but alas they fell short again.

Philadelphia, sensing urgency for the first time in the game, maneuvered themselves into FG range and out walked Mr. Reliable, Mr. Eagles MVP, Mr. Jake “Automatic” Elliott. Who promptly Missed the chip shot, giving the Jets yet another chance.

The Jets promptly pulled another Jets and after only 5 plays punted back to the Eagles.

However, not to be outdone, the Eagles would feel the full pressure of the Jets defense and on a senseless dropoff pass attempt to Dallas Goedert; Jalen Hurts would throw his third interception of the day.

This time, the Jets would not falter. Taking one play from the Eagles 8 yard line, Hall would run the ball untouched to give the Jets the lead for the first time all afternoon. 20-14

The Eagles now faced a monumental task; go the length of the field, with no timeouts and score a touchdown. Needless to say, they went nowhere; 4 plays, 2 yards and turned the ball over on downs.

The Jets would celebrate for the second straight week with the Victory formation, building momentum as their season entered the bye week.

On the other side of the ball, there were way more questions than answers. For the second week in a row, the Eagles offense looked anemic. It wasn’t without bright spots; but the effectiveness of the play calling and the lack of offensive direction hurt the Eagles in the long run; shout out to the other Eagles.

The defensive secondary had glaring holes; the linebackers were forced into coverage more than pass rushing, and special teams had by far it’s worse afternoon.

Jalen Hurts has regressed. Let me echo myself from Week 1; Jalen Hurts has regressed. To all those pundents that want to place this blame on play calling and lack of experience at the coordinator position; do yourself a favor and go watch the tape. Hurts is still not leading his guys open, he’s not looking beyond the first read, he’s throwing into coverage. Yes, he has hit some deep balls to AJ Brown and Slimreaper; but more times than not he’s behind them and throwing them into developing coverage schemes.

The run game was solid, but losing Lane Johnson to an ankle injury will loom large as the season moves forward. The Eagles still remain atop of the NFC East at 5-1, and will host the red hot Miami Dolphins offense on Sunday Night Football. From where this guy is sitting, I’m not confident in this team; they need to prove to themselves that they are bought in and ready to compete with the big boys of the NFL.

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