Bears trade WR Chase Claypool to Dolphins for 2025 draft picks

By Dexter Foley


Miami Dolphins News

Wide receiver Chase Claypool has been traded to the Miami and Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel spoke at his Friday press about why the team made the trade to acquire him.

The head coach called it an “exciting opportunity” to trade for a player who “wants to take things into his own hands” and that the Dolphins were not actively looking for another wide receiver when the chance to acquire Claypool came up.

Claypool has been nothing but a prooblem for his previous teams. McDaniels said that the Dolphins were “crystal clear” with Claypool about their expectations for him and added the part of his skill set that he believes will make him a good fit for the high-velocity Dolphins – “He’s fast.”

“You have to stay steadfast to the commitment of making your team as good as it could be,” McDaniel said. “Sometimes things come across your radar that you weren’t even looking for, but, when you assess it, if it falls under the category this has a chance to make us better then you jump on that.”

Claypool won’t be with the Dolphins for this weekend’s game against the Giants.

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