Assessing the Chances: Why the New York Giants May Struggle to Win More Than 5 Games This Season

By Thom Profeta

New York Giants – Over/Under 5 Wins?


The New York Giants, a storied franchise in the NFL, are facing an uphill battle this season. Despite their loyal fan base and less than talented roster, several factors suggest that the team may struggle to win more than five games. Let’s delve into some key reasons behind this potential struggle.

Offensive Line Woes:
One glaring issue for the Giants is their offensive line. In recent years, it has been a weak spot, hindering the team’s ability to establish a consistent running game and protect the quarterback. Without a solid offensive line, the Giants may struggle to generate an effective offense, limiting their chances of winning games.

Inconsistent Quarterback Play:
The Giants’ quarterback situation has been unstable in recent seasons. While Daniel Jones has shown flashes of potential, he has also been prone to turnovers and inconsistency. Unless Jones can make significant strides in decision-making and accuracy, the Giants’ offense may continue to sputter, making it difficult to win games against tough opponents.  


Tough Schedule:
The Giants’ schedule this season is filled with challenging matchups against formidable opponents. They face tough divisional rivals such as the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles, as well as non-divisional powerhouses like the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The combination of a tough schedule and the team’s existing weaknesses could make it difficult for the Giants to accumulate wins.

Defensive Concerns:
While the Giants boast a talented defense, there are still question marks in certain areas. The secondary, in particular, has struggled in recent seasons, which could be exploited by opposing quarterbacks. If the defense fails to consistently stop opposing offenses, it will put additional pressure on the Giants’ offense to outscore their opponents, further limiting their chances of winning games.

Lack of Playmakers:
Aside from star running back Saquon Barkley, the Giants lack consistent playmakers on offense. Wide receivers Sterling Shepard and Darius Slayton have shown promise, but injuries and inconsistency have hampered their production. Without reliable weapons, the Giants may struggle to generate explosive plays and put points on the board.

All in all…While every NFL season holds surprises, it’s reasonable to anticipate that the New York Giants may face challenges in surpassing the five-win mark. The team’s offensive line issues, inconsistent quarterback play, tough schedule, defensive concerns, and lack of playmakers all contribute to this potential struggle. However, football is an unpredictable sport, and the Giants still have the opportunity to exceed expectations if they can address these concerns and rally as a cohesive unit.  The only Hope Giant fans have, is this years college quarterback class is outstanding! 

As a life long Giant fan,  I’m already looking towards next season!

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