Aaron Rodgers: The Cancer of the NFL


By Ron Johnson

We all have a tendency to piss off people without even trying. Some of us are good at that as well as correcting the issue. Some of us are good at one thing but not the other. There are even some of us that just provoke, aggravate and stick with their own logic even when proven wrong…

And then there is Aaron Rodgers.

While there are those that try their hardest to cut this village idiot a break, Aaron Rodgers is the kind of guy that does deserve one. After burning practically and literally EVERY bridge in Green Bay during his final year with the team, he was sent to try to rebuild the New York Jets. The entire city was excited about the arrival of this hack of a quarterback and already calling for the Jets to be in the Super Bowl this season.

Four plays later, all that hope went up in smoke.

In the opening game of the season, Rodgers took a sack, waited a few moments and then dropped to the ground in an apparent injury. The fanbase was hoping for a miracle, but instead they got a guy who took every chance necessary to unleash his inner Brett Favre to whoever will listen to him. 

While there are others who would read this and look at it as sour grapes, the question posed now is what has Rodgers done for the NFL lately? The games have been epic with teams that are playing better than advertised. Even Rodgers’ former team is making a playoff appearance against Dallas. What are the Jets doing? Sitting on the couch wondering if they can get a refund on their investment?

And this is not because of Rodgers’ sudden work ethic. It is because of his mouth.

Early last week, the infamous Epstein List was being unveiled, and yes there were some names that did not surprise us and some that did. During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers chose to continue his ongoing BS Tour against Hollywood and anyone that does not like him by insinuating that late night host Jimmy Kimmel was on the Epstein List. 

Aaron Rodgers

You know those moments when you should just shut up about something?

The reason this is being brought into the spotlight is because there are those who are upset with McAfee for making the edict that Rodgers would not be invited back onto the show after speaking more on the list instead of talking about the playoffs and how the Jets can improve next season. It didn’t get bad until everyone started attempting to lambast McAfee and ESPN (most likely Seminoles fans) for “silencing” Rodgers.

When Colin Kaepernick stood for a noble cause, he was disrespected. When LeBron and KD voiced their opinions on something other than sports, they were told to shut up and dribble. But when Rodgers and Favre state an opinion other than sports, they get a pass? I don’t know who the bluest of blue hells made that decision, but when you see the cancer in front of you, you do what you can to remove said cancer. 

Or did we all forget about Antonio Brown?

This is the same Rodgers who has already chosen his stance on politics, the president and now the Epstein List. For him to say anything about anyone is pathetic in its own right. I have never been Rodgers biggest supporter, and that will never change. But considering the people that are/were victims of Epstein Island to get disrespected by this inconsiderate jackass, and no one is going to hold him accountable does make me wonder where priorities truly are. 

The Packers were right in showing Rodgers the door, and I was actually laughing my tail off (and still am) at what happened to him after all the glitz and glamour of living in New York. The fact is this: I warned about Sports Karma once before, and I did say that it never fails. It hit Antonio Brown. It hit Tom Brady. It hit the Cincinnati Bengals, Los Angeles Rams, New Orleans Saints, Denver Broncos and even the Miami Dolphins recently. 

But when it hits a guy that has been spending his downtime dividing the country along with his idol Brett Farve, it just feels differently. Favre is currently in litigation for robbing millions in his home state of Mississippi, while Rodgers is busy drinking Ayahuasca and watching those teams he took shots at all season long do what he wishes he could be doing: Playing in the playoffs. 

The ignorance of this guy is not something that I am the only one that has called out. But since I am the one that labeled him a specific nickname, let me apologize to William H. Macy for thinking I was referring to him. In fact, it wasn’t to Macy, just one of his characters. That explains the photo chosen for this piece. Because Rodgers has been that person for the past five years, and clearly, humility does not exist in his vocabulary. So Aaron, embrace the title bestowed upon you as not only being the legit cancer of the NFL but also being…

A Dollar Tree, Bootleg, Frank Gallagher Knock-Off.

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