College Football Committee vs. Collision Week Two


By Ron Johnson

For years, we have all seen the college football committee put their favorites at the top. The downside for them is that when they decide to put their favorites up there, they tend to get exposed. Despite their “knowledge” of the programs they bolster, they still have zero clue how to handle their jobs.

Luckily for them, Team Collision arrives to set them straight. Here are the Top 10 CFP Rankings based off the Committee’s recommendations.

CFP Committee’s Top Ten Rankings

10) Penn State (8-1)

9) Ole Miss (8-1)

8) Alabama (8-1)

7) Texas (8-1)

6) Oregon (8-1)

5) Washington (9-0)

4) Florida State (9-0)

3) Michigan (9-0)

2) Georgia (9-0)

1) Ohio State (9-0)

Looking at the CFP Board’s list, can anyone else see what is wrong with this picture? Or is it just us? While the Buckeyes’ victory over Rutgers looks impressive, the team itself did have a little bit more struggle against them, especially in the ground game. Texas needed overtime to defeat Kansas State, and Ole Miss survived a shootout against the Aggies. Florida State made easy work of the Pitt Panthers, and Georgia escaped its battle with Mizzou with a nine-point win.

Penn State easily handled Maryland, as did Michigan over Purdue and Oregon over Cal. Going into Week 11, the field should get a little clearer considering that Michigan locks up with Penn State, and the winner of that game most likely gets a huge jump or a huge drop. And what about the two undefeated teams that are left on the outside looking in (Liberty and James Madison)? We have seen teams in the past that get into the dance but cannot boogie. Is this going to be the case if JMU gets the thumbs up from the Board to play?

Rockin’ Reese – Reesecap Sports

10) Air Force (8-1)

9) Fresno State (8-1)

8) Oregon (8-1)

7) Liberty (9-0)

6) James Madison (9-0)

5) Washington (9-0)

4) Ohio State (9-0)

3) Florida State (9-0)

2) Michigan (9-0)

1) Georgia (9-0)

From the Rockin’ One’s perspective, both Liberty and James Madison are undefeated and eyeing at least a shot at the infamous New Years’ Six or College Football Playoff. Granted, Air Force didn’t even bother showing up in their annual Cadet Battle with Army as they were decimated 23-3 on home turf. But this was their first loss of the season, so why not give them a shot since we may not have many if any undefeated teams left at season’s end?

Fresno State had themselves a slugfest with Boise State but managed to outlast them 37-30. The Bulldogs are used to dominating on the hardwood, but to do it on the gridiron has to feel good to these guys with the possibility of the Pac-12 scraps coming in next season. 

And are we really surprised that both Oregon and Washington are in the conversation this late in the season? We shouldn’t be. The Huskies have been due for a moment, and the Ducks are getting themselves back in the groove. All the other conferences should take notice that this could be a time to root for the underdogs once again.

Captain Ron – TLC

10) Liberty (9-0)

9) Penn State (8-1)

8) Ole Miss (8-1)

7) Ohio State (9-0)

6) James Madison (9-0)

5) Oregon (8-1)

4) Washington (9-0)

3) Florida State (9-0) 

2) Georgia (9-0)

1) Michigan (9-0)

NO one should be surprised that I am riding with the Wolverines over Ohio State. After all the madness that Michigan has had to deal with this season, you have to put some respect on their name for focusing on the task at hand rather than everyone throwing shade in their direction. After getting accused of stealing signs, dealing with a BS suspension and a member of their staff doing something beyond heinous, Michigan deserves the top spot as much as Georgia does, however it all comes down to the next few weeks for both.

We already know that Georgia is most likely playing in the SEC Championship Game in the next few weeks. It is just a question of who will represent the West Division as their opponent in the final Divisional Showdowns. The toughest test for Michigan start this weekend when they play the Nittany Lions, and depending on what they do against them will determine if they are finally able to jump Ohio State for the top spot.

The hardest task for the three entities we are discussing right now (Committee, Reese, Myself) is determining if only two of us are starting to believe the hype surrounding the lone undefeateds NOT in the Top 10 or if they are blowing more smoke than we are. 

Again, we have seen this before…

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