Warriors lose 3rd straight


By Steven Luker


Warriors losing three straight

The Warriors have now lost three straight games before entering their second in game tournament. The Warriors played back to back games and probably looked tired and couldn’t win a game.  The Warriors tried a late comeback to face the Timberwolves.

Warriors can get revenge

The Golden State Warriors on Tuesday can get payback against the Minnesota Timberwolves  during the in season tournament on their home floor on Tuesday for the second game in pool C for the Warriors.

Key Stats from the game

The Golden State Warriors had Dario Saric who had a double double. A double double in basketball is when a player has accumulated ten or more in two of the following five statistical categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocked shots. Double doubles happen almost every time in the NBA and players it referenced. Draymond Green back after getting ejected Green got seven assists in the game. Klay Thompson, Dario Saric and Jonathan Kuminga had ten or more points. The Warriors only won one quarter in the game. The Warriors had a three game losing streak last year and they beat the Orlando Magic to end that streak.

What next for the Warriors

The Warriors are going to play the second game of the in season tournament against the Timberwolves again and try to get back at them. The Warriors are hoping to end the three game losing streak on Tuesday. Monday they can get to regroup and hope they watch some film on what to improve on for the game on Tuesday.

The Warriors have two more home games then they will hit the road on the day before Thanksgiving to face off against the Phoenix Suns. Then the Warriors play on the day after Thanksgiving and they will be home doing the third game of the in season tournament versus the San Antonio Spurs. The Warriors will close the month at home against the Los Angeles Clippers.

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