Top Fits for the Most Intriguing NBA Trade Candidates


By Adam Kerr, Ball Brief Sports

NBA Trade Candidates

In the next few weeks, NBA players who signed new contracts in the offseason will be eligible for trades. Jerami Grant, Kyle Kuzma, and D’Angelo Russell are just some of the names that will be tradeable. Most of these players will end the season on the same team they are on, but recent deadline history likes to argue otherwise. Multiple All-Stars have been moved mid-season for the past few seasons now, and James Harden already started it off this season. These are some of the most likely trade candidates and fits that could be interesting or likely to see on the court.

Kyle Kuzma: Indiana Pacers

Kyle Kuzma is doing his thing in Washington this season, averaging 23.3 points per game. However, those points aren’t being put to good use since the Wizards are sitting at 3-16. The Wizards aren’t in a place where they want to be winning anytime soon, which would surely not be Kuzma’s choice. That’s why we would love to see him go to Indiana where he can compete on a surefire playoff team in the East. It would be premier television to see another bucket-getter next to Tyrese Haliburton in Indiana. Plus, there was talk of Buddy Hield seeking a trade in the offseason, so he could be sent to Washington and hope to be bought out to sign with a contender of his choosing to compete for a championship. 


Zach LaVine: Miami Heat

The Heat have missed out on multiple stars this past offseason, and it’s hard to imagine they would let another one slip between their fingers like they have previously. Now, yet another star guard is available in Zach LaVine. Pat Riley and the Miami front office will undoubtedly try their hardest to not go 0-3 on star guards this year. The Bulls have a desire to sell their stars, and their asking price for the two-time all-star will be less pricey if nobody bites for a while. Miami is already a playoff-level team, so why not set themselves apart from the fierce competition by acquiring someone like LaVine alongside Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo?


Alex Caruso: Milwaukee Bucks

It’s well known that the Bucks would love a bolstered defense with another lockdown player – specifically in the backcourt. As previously mentioned, the Bulls want to get anything and everything they can from their talent in trades. Not only would Alex Caruso fill their need for an All-Defensive caliber guard, but he would also perfectly round out their starting lineup since the two-guard is their weakest position. After the Damian Lillard trade, Milwaukee’s pool of tradeable picks might make it tough to make a big move like this. However, it would be possible if they included players or brought a third team into the deal.


Pascal Siakam: Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks have looked very close to being one of the league’s contenders. Trae Young and Dejounte Murray have clicked this season, and they have pieces in the supporting cast that can help out on any given night. Now with Onyeka Okongwu proving to be a solid center in this league, the contract and talents of Clint Capela seem very expendable. If they decide to move on from Capela this season, a perfect situation would include landing Pascal Siakam from the Toronto Raptors. Siakam is a 2-time All-Star and 2-time All-NBA player and would make a very intriguing Hawks squad. If Toronto did want to rebuild, they would likely want more draft compensation than what Atlanta has to offer. That’s why this trade would likely require at least 3 teams to complete. However, Siakam to Atlanta is a feasible possibility as the season goes on and would be an exciting fit next to two All-Star guards.

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