The Detroit Pistons Go Winless In November


By CJ Carlson

Pistons lose 16 games in a row

I apologize in advance to anybody that is a fan of the Detroit Pistons, because they just went winless throughout the entire month of November. It’s not often for a team to lose this consistently, yet the Pistons have simply shown no signs of improvement since the season initially began. 

Their most recent defeat against the New York Knicks to end the month had them holding onto a lead in the fourth quarter, though they lost that game by six points. The winless month is just the 13th in NBA history, and it’s the 16thstraight loss for Detroit overall. We haven’t seen a winless month in the league since 2015 when the Philadelphia 76ers did it. 

There’s just been something missing from this young Detroit squad, and nobody has been able to pinpoint just one area in which they aren’t living up to expectations. The starting five haven’t gelled together, with Cade Cunningham seemingly being the only reliable playmaker on the perimeter. He’s putting up 21.8 points and 7.0 assists per night, with nobody else averaging anywhere close to either of those numbers on the roster. It also doesn’t help that they’re at the bottom of the league rankings in terms of points allowed per game. 

The scary part is that there just hasn’t been any improvement since this losing streak began, and there’s a genuine possibility that we see them compete for the record. The longest losing streak that’s ever been recorded was 26 games in a row. Even their head coach Monty Williams has ripped up the team over a lack of fight, with Cade Cunningham not refuting that statement either by saying, “We’re bad.” For Pistons fans who have been slowly enduring a painful rebuild process, the hope was that there’d be signs of life in 2023 and beyond with such a young roster. Unless they start ripping off wins soon, this could be yet another 60 plus loss year in Detroit. 


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