Suns Roast Mavericks, Doncic Cries About Fan’s Ejection

*Suns manage a blowout on the road, 132-109
*Doncic didn’t like a Suns fan in his home crowd
*Devin Booker cooked all night
*Refs have frustrated Doncic recently

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Last night’s game between the Phoenix Suns & Dallas Mavericks saw heightened tensions. Luka Doncic was flustered all night, expressing his displeasure which led to a series of events including a technical foul on Doncic, the ejection of a taunting fan, and critical remarks from coach Jason Kidd about the team’s concentration. 

The Mavericks faced a challenging third quarter against the Phoenix Suns, where they were outscored significantly, contributing to a 132-109 defeat at the American Airlines Center. During this quarter, Suns’ Devin Booker notably scored 22 of his total 46 points, transforming a closely contested game into a decisive victory for Phoenix.

Doncic Goes One-on-One with a Fan


The incident involving Doncic and the heckler, a Suns supporter donned in a Booker “El Valle” jersey, occurred late in the third quarter. The fan’s provocative remarks prompted Doncic to signal for the fan’s removal, a request he made directly to the Mavericks’ security personnel. The fan was ejected and subsequently escorted out by an arena staff member without further complications.

Doncic later addressed the incident, explaining that the fan had been using profanity since the first half, and his patience had reached its limit. Despite the criticisms, Doncic stated he usually wouldn’t seek to have a fan removed but felt compelled to act due to the persistent negativity.

The Mavericks’ recent performance has been lackluster, with the team dropping to eighth in the Western Conference standings after losing five of their last seven games. Doncic’s frustrations were not only directed at fans but also at game officials, marking his second technical foul in consecutive games and bringing his season total to eight.

The Mavericks’ head coach, Jason Kidd, highlighted a concerning trend of the team getting sidetracked by disputes with referees, specifically pointing out Doncic’s susceptibility to letting his temper affect his game. Kidd acknowledged the need for the team, including Doncic, to maintain composure and focus during games.


The game also saw other instances of technical fouls, with Mavericks forward Grant Williams being ejected following altercations with Suns players Kevin Durant and Jusuf Nurkic. Kidd emphasized the importance of conduct and communication with officials, suggesting that constant complaints could negatively impact the team’s relationship with referees and ultimately affect game outcomes.

Devin Booker’s exceptional performance was a key factor in the Suns’ victory, with the player acknowledging a fan’s support postgame and considering rewarding the fan, depending on the nature of the heckling. Booker stressed the importance of maintaining respect in the heat of competition, reflecting on his and Doncic’s competitive history dating back to the 2021 Western Conference semifinals.

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