NBA had enough of Draymond Green tactics

By Steven Luker

NBA had enough of Draymond Green

League is had enough of Green

Draymond Green

The NBA has had enough with Draymond Green this season and has been ejected from the games three times this season and been suspended once for five games. Green now has broken the camel’s back tonight and the league announced that they are suspending Green indefinitely for his issues. I called it last night to expect a suspension or a fine and we got the suspension correct. According to Joe Dumas, the Executive Vice President, Head of Basketball Operations they stated “This outcome takes into account Green’s repeated history of unsportsmanlike acts. Now what can happen next.

Should Draymond Green go to anger management classes

To be honest I feel Draymond Green needs to have some anger management classes to keep his anger in check. He has been ejected from three games this season and he is taking his anger out on others. The NBA did suspend Green when he put Rudy Gobert in headlock for five games. Green suspended this time is taking place immediately. So I feel if he takes anger management classes we might see a different Green. The Warriors are going to be without him for however long he takes to clear his mind to be a player. 

How much in fines this season for Draymond Green

Draymond Green has over 789,704 dollars in fines this year by the NBA with his contract at 22 million dollars three hundred and twenty one thousand dollars and four hundred and twenty nine dollars after you do the math of how much he is getting this year he has now over 21,531,725 dollars left after all the fines that have been paid this season. So Green is still making 20 million a year on contract but we did the math on his fines this season and how much he is getting paid. This has been a really bad time for Green; he only has 9 more ejections tying Rasheed Wallace with 29 ejections. 

Draymond Green

Picture of all his fines and ejections

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