“My Playoff Fever”


The NFL playoffs leading up to the Super Bowl. The MLB post-season leading up to the World Series. The NHL playoffs leading up to the Stanley Cup Finals. The NBA playoffs leading up to the NBA Finals. March Madness leading up to the Final Four. No matter what sport it is, there is something about the playoffs that just brings out the sports fan in me. Sometimes, it’s about seeing if the team who was the greatest during the regular season replicating that success in the playoffs. Sometimes, it’s seeing if an underdog can do the nearly impossible. Sometimes, it’s seeing if the defending champion can overcome the odds & repeat. Sometimes, it’s all of these feelings put together.

I Love Sports Playoffs

Regardless of the reason, I love sports playoffs, because nobody truly knows what to expect. Sure, we may feel certain things will happen, based on what we have seen. However, when the game actually happens, we never know what will play out. There have been games that we thought would be close, but ended up being a blow out. There were games that we thought would be 1-sided affairs that ended up being a good contest. There were games where we expected offensive explosions, but the defenses were the story of the game. There were games that we felt that might be low scoring, but the scoreboard kept getting lit up by both teams.

More importantly, it’s the players themselves. In the positive sense, the superstars bring their best performances of the season, when everything is on the line. In some cases, victory is achieved by an unsung hero having his only good performance. In the negative sense, we have seen teams who looked virtually unstoppable, all season, collapse. We have seen people who have had MVP-caliber seasons not deliver, when it truly mattered most.
We just finished March Madness for the men & women. We just kicked off the NBA playoffs. We’re about to start the Stanley Cup playoffs. In a couple of weeks, the XFL playoffs will begin. There’s nothing like the action & drama of playoff sports. I would recommend that if you know someone who may not be a fan of a particular sport or isn’t a sports fan, at all, I would recommend showing them a playoff game (preferably a good one). Let them watch the entire event, first. Then, after it’s over, break things down for them. That way, they’ll get to understand the sport. Who knows? Maybe they will develop an even bigger passion than you already have.

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