LeBron James Suffers Worst Loss Of His Career


By CJ Carlson


Lakers and LeBron lose by 44 to Sixers

LeBron James isn’t used to losing much, and he certainly isn’t used to getting blown out. Both of those things happened when the Los Angeles Lakers took on the Philadelphia 76ers. Philadelphia came out on top in a 138-94 game, handing LeBron a 44-point loss. He had never lost a game by that many points up to this point. 

Weirdly enough, the night started out with LeBron making positive history. He waws able to surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the most total minutes player throughout league history. It’s a milestone that previously felt like it would never be overtaken, but the Kings longevity continues to shock and impress the NBA world. Unfortunately for both LeBron and the franchise, this history was followed by more, the blowout defeat.

Reporters caught up to LeBron after the loss and were asking what he felt needed to change in order for the Lakers to right the ship. All he said was that the need to fix a lot of issues moving forward but refused to explain what changes he’s got in mind. They are looking at a 10-8 record on the season with injuries starting to pile up. To make matters worse, the team makes the least amount of three-pointers per game of any other team in the league. They are also 28th in total passes per game. They don’t make triples often, and they don’t pass it to one another. 

It’s hard to figure out what change could spark the Lakers down the stretch of the season, especially after a horribly crushing 44-point defeat against the 76ers. Some have pointed to the poor play of their backup center Jaxon Hayes, while others believe it’s the lack of a secondary shot creator to take pressure off LeBron on the offensive end. Whatever the solution is, it might need to happen fast in what is aa very competitive Western Conference. 


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