Warriors Lose a buzzer beater from a Jokic 3 pointer

By Steven Luker

Nuggets 130 – Warriors 127

Warriors outscored?

The Warriors were outscored when it came down to the stretch against the Nuggets 25 to four and it was capped by a Nikola Jokic game winning three pointer making the Warriors lose the game 130 to 127. The Warriors had a lead by 18 points and this is the fourth time they lost with a 18 point lead this season.

Warriors off to a strong start but Jokic answers back

The Warriors had a 14 to six the Warriors had a lead as much as ten points in the opening quarter. However Jokic did not get denied any shots in the frame of the game. Jokic made 15 points on a seven for eight shooting making the Nuggets up 34-33 a one point game. Jokic made all seven of seven field goals from the paint. 


Thompson’s Shooting touch

Klay Thompson made three consecutive three pointers in a 84 second span. Thompson finished the half with a team high 15 points with four splashes. All of Thompson’s second half field goals came inside the arc, as the Splash Brother finished the game with 24 points and was nine for 18 shooting.

Curry Third quarter takeover

The Warriors trailed by seven points at halftime and was outscored by the Nuggets 31 to 18 over a nearly eight minute stretch in the third quarter the Warriors took a six point lead. Stephen Curry scored 10 of those 31 points in that quarter and one of the shots was a splash over Reggie Jackson that made the Nuggets call a timeout after that play. Curry finished the game with 30 points and five of them were three pointers with 35 minutes played in the game.

Warriors set a season high third quarter

The Golden State Warriors in the game scored 44 points in the third quarter and they outscored the Nuggets by 20 points in that frame. The Warriors shot 75% from the field and was 12 for 14 inside the arc and six for ten for three pointers. The Warriors rookie Brandin Podziemski hit three 3 pointers in the game.

Next up for Warriors

The Warriors are going to be playing the worst team in the NBA Detroit Pistons with a record of three and 31 record.

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