Curry Worst game after a 42 Point game

By Steven Luker


Curry Nightmare

Stephen Curry had the worst game of his NBA career after he had a 42 point game he had in last night’s win. Curry tonight in his game he had a total of seven turnovers. Also in this game Curry had only 21 points. This was down right Curry didn’t play that great.

Klay Thompson is back

Klay Thompson is returning in the lineup after sitting out Monday’s game with a right knee soreness. Thompson in the game scored 14 points and was six for 15 shooting He had a plus 29.

Saric showing some magic

Dario Saric, a six foot nine star for the Warriors is making some headway by scoring three pivotal three pointers in the game to help Warriors win the game and be able to come back. Saric finished the game with 15 points.

0.2 seconds winning shot for Warriors

In tonight’s game the Warriors are down by one point Klay Thompson nailed a close to buzzer beater two to close the game out making the warriors win only by one point and the final was 102-101.

What is next for the Warriors

The Warriors are hitting the road again for four games. Their first stop will be in Oklahoma City to play the Thunder then after that they will travel to Cleveland to play the Cavaliers on Sunday then on Monday they will be traveling to Detroit to face the Pistons. Then they wrap up the trip and go to the defending champions of the NBA in Denver to face off to the Nuggets.

Then they will have a six game homestand starting with Cleveland coming into town to faceoff. The game against the Thunder will be on Friday at five pm on the west coast. Out of all of the games the Warriors have one early game on the time zone with three pm being the earliest game for people on the west coast to catch the action.

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