Twins Move on to Division Series, Sweep Away The Blue Jays


By Steven Luker

The Twins swept the Blue Jays and won the AL Wildcard and move on to face the Houston Astros. The Twins held the Blue Jays to only 2 runs in the series. In this game José Berríos faced off against his former team and during the game he only lasted for 3 innings giving 3 hits, 1 earned run, and 5 strikeouts.

During the game Vlad Guerrero Jr. was picked off during the game. Sonny Gray for the Twins he went 5 innings and had 2 walks and 6 strikeouts. The Twins are ending a 21 year drought of the playoffs. This was also the first playoff win for the Twins since 2002. 


The Twins are moving on to face Justin Verlander and the Houston Astros and Carlos Correra is facing his former team in the playoffs. During the game the Toronto Blue Jays left 10 runners on base in the first 6 innings of the game. There are tons of tweets about Vlad Guerrero Jr. being picked off in the game and saying it was poor base running.

The Twins are the first team in Minnesota to advance since the 2007 Minnesota Vikings. The last time the Twins moved on was when they still played in the Metrodome at the time so this is the first time Target field will have a Division Series game. During this moment the Minnesota Twins are partying like it was 2002 not 1999 by Prince.

On Tuesday the Twins ended their 18 game losing streak in the postseason. The Twins wore there City Connect Jerseys on both days of the playoffs and they seem to be lucky jerseys and let see when they host Houston will the luck continue or not.

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