2023 MLB Postseason Computer Simulation


By Steven Luker

The MLB Postseason is here and now we want to know what the computer thinks will win the World Series this year. I just recently did a sim in a game Out of the Park Baseball 24 where I did the simulation of the 2023 MLB postseason.

MLB Postseason Run Through Computer Simulation

MLB Postseason

This is what the postseason looked as it was set for today’s game and the results of all matchups are at 0-0.

MLB Postseason

The next picture can be seen in the wildcard series, Division series and the championship series. You can see The Rays winning the wild card game vs. texas rangers 2-1 and the other wildcard game the Twins get swept by the Blue jays 2-0. On the NL side of the wildcard series you see the Phillies sweep the Marlins 2-0 and the Brewers sweeping Arizona 2-0.

In the division series you can see Tampa Bay made it to 5 games beating the Orioles 3-2 to advance in the championship series game. The other AL matchup was the Blue Jays vs. the Houston Astros. This series also went 5 games but Houston survived and won the series 3-2. Now on the NL side of things we had a sweep at the top with The Braves sweeping the Philles 3-0. The Milwaukee Brewers playing upset vs. the Dodgers winning the series 3-1. Now we are onto the championship series. We have the Tampa Bay Rays vs. the Houston Astros and on the NL side we have the Atlanta Braves.

In this world The Rays keep staying hot from the wild card matchup beating the Astros 4-2 Making the World Series for the third time since 2020.  On the NL Side the Atlanta Braves came out and stopped the Brewers to become a World Series team and won the series 4-1. The Braves are 2021 World Series Champions. Looking to win another one. Tampa Bay is looking for the first one since being runner ups in 2008 and 2020.

MLB Postseason

The 2023 MLB World Series winner according to the game will be the Atlanta Braves winning it 4 games to 1 vs. Tampa Bay. The World Series MVP the game thinks is going to be Matt Olson of Atlanta Braves. 

Now we will discuss the MVP in each round up to the World Series.

The AL Wildcard Game 1 MVP of the Texas Rangers vs. The Tampa Bay Rays was Manuel Margot of the Tampa Bay Rays. 

The AL Wildcard Game 2 MVP of the Toronto Blue Jays vs. The Minnesota Twins was Bo Bichette of the Toronto Blue Jays.

The NL Wildcard Game 1 MVP of the Miami Marlins vs. The Philadelphia Phillies was Bryson Stoot of the Philadelphia Phillies.

The NL Wildcard Game 2 MVP of the Arizona Diamondbacks vs. The Milwaukee Brewers was Mark Canha of the Milwaukee Brewers.

The AL Division Series Game 1 MVP  of the Baltimore Orioles vs. Tampa Bay Rays is Issac Paredes of the Tampa Bay Rays.

The AL Division Series Game 2 MVP of the Toronto Blue Jays vs. The Houston Astros was Kyle Tucker of the Houston Astros.

The NL Division Series Game 1 MVP of the Atlanta Braves vs. Philadelphia Phillies Ronald Acuna Jr. of the Atlanta Braves.

The NL Division Series Game 2 MVP of the Milwaukee Brewers and Los Angeles Dodgers was Garrett Mitchell of the Milwaukee Brewers. 

The American LCS of the Tampa Bay Rays and Houston Astros was Jonathan Aranda of the Tampa Bay Rays.

The National LCS of the Atlanta Braves and Milwaukee Brewers was Austin Riley of the Atlanta Braves.

Do you agree or disagree with the following stuff from the computer running the simulation or do you think something else. Let us know what you think down in the comments with your MLB Postseason predictions and do you have a different opinion on it. If you agree with this let us know if it is the smart thing to do more often with the game.

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