Joe Quills’ Goals and Tips for 2024

By Joe Quillen

I thought that I would write something a little bit different here on Bleacher Brothers with this article. I’m going to let you know my goals and plans here for 2024, at least with my little spot here on the website.

The most important thing I want to stress to everyone is that I don’t like the term “resolutions.” Every time I hear that word when an almost completed year is about to end, or a new year is about to commence, I cringe at someone saying that word or what their resolutions are. My experience has been that resolutions fail more than the Eagles defense did Sunday against Arizona. I’m going to give you some goals I have for 2024 as well as some additional tips I have for you.

My main goal with my articles is to grow my brands. I created a new brand in November called Quills Picks Winners. The stats were not good but it was a lot of fun to take the time to look at those races that were handicapped. I hope that even if I was wrong, I brought some inciteful information no matter how professional or sophomoric it was.

I hope also to grow my brand with my podcast and stream. I have moved my streams and podcast, The Philly Guy Speaks, back to Twitch, and I am planning, at least for right now, streaming sports streams on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 10 pm Eastern Time. Give me a follow on Twitch and help get me to affiliate on there. Who knows, maybe I can get to that and start making things even more fun for everyone that joins my streams and my channel!

I want to prove to you, the readers of Bleacher Brothers that I can pick winners. Handicappers pick a minimum of 20% winners. I want to exceed that for you this upcoming year, and I hope that I will be entertaining in the process. I am looking forward to trying to do that for you in 2024.


I will also give you some tips as the new year is underway. Whether you play slot machines, cards, sportsbook gaming, horse racing, or any other gaming that you may play, keep track of your wins and losses, especially losses. If you require having to claim winnings, you can claim losses up to the amount that you must claim. Different games have different thresholds to where Uncle Sam gets a piece of your money.

The great thing about online gaming, like sportsbooks and online casinos, is that it is very easy to get a won/loss statement. Even if you have a rewards card with your brick and mortar casino, that keeps track as well.

Sportsbook gaming and horse racing can be a bit hairy because a lot of bettors tend to toss their tickets as soon as a race or game is over. I like to take pictures of those tickets, especially sportsbook tickets as I keep a spreadsheet with all my wagers. With sportsbooks, there’s even an app called Pikkit that will track all your online wagers for you. But since I do go to the brick and mortar casinos as well as play online, that’s why I choose to open up the Excel file.

But whatever you do, win or lose, having to claim a ticket or not, the most important thing that I cannot stress enough is fiscal responsibility. It’s okay to not play a certain race or not lay money on a certain game because you don’t have the money or you don’t like what’s offered.

I’m not going to tell you “1-800-GAMBLER” like those commercials you see on television or radio. It seems forced, impersonal and mandatory. I want to be more personable to you, the readers of my articles, participate in my streams, or listen to my podcasts. We can grow my brands, the Bleacher Brothers band and more. Those aren’t my resolutions.

Those are my goals for 2024.

I hope these goals are the start of an amazing 2024 with my partners here at Bleacher Brothers and everyone that I cross paths with this year.Follow Joe on Twitter/Instagram/Threads @JoeQuills. Check out the Bleacher Brothers Show from 8 to 10 pm Eastern Time on the Tony Bruno Sports Netwo

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