4 FAU Men’s Basketball Players Enter Transfer Portal: What This Means for the Team’s Future


By Robbie Lastella

This week has been a busy one in Boca Raton with 4 key contributors either entering the transfer portal, declaring for the draft, or both. That is the way of the world in today’s college basketball landscape, and although sad to see a potential end of an era, it’s not the end of the world for FAU. 

Starting on Monday, Owls Guard Nick Boyd and Forward Giancarlo Rosado announced they will be entering the transfer portal via heartfelt messages delivered on their personal Instagram. In both of their posts, they made it clear that returning to FAU would be under consideration— something not seen in every transfer portal move in today’s business-first CBB world. 

A few minutes after that, it was reported by multiple outlets that center Vlad Goldin would also be entering the portal. Although that was never confirmed by Goldin himself, he did declare for the NBA draft through his personal Instagram Tuesday morning, also emphasizing that a return to FAU was on the table… with no mention of the transfer portal. 

Lastly to this point, on Tuesday evening Guard Johnell Davis announced via his personal Instagram that he was also entering the NBA draft and entering the transfer portal. Davis was the only Owls player to not mention a possible return to FAU explicitly but leading off his statement with: “I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to play at FAU.” 

Boyd will have 2 years of eligibility remaining and Rosado will have 1, and for them to not at least gauge the market and see what’s out there would be a disservice to themselves. 

Johnell Davis and Vlad Goldin each have 1 year of eligibility remaining and are both coming off career years. Davis averaged 18.2 PPG, up nearly 5 from last year, and Goldin averaged 15.7 PPG, up 5.2 points from a year ago. 

The Iron for both players is red hot right now and with that being the case there is no better time to gauge NBA interest, especially in a draft class that is not jam-packed. If they like what they receive in their draft grade, then they will stay in the process and see what comes their way, however both have left the door open to returning to college and keeping their options open by entering the transfer portal before the May 1 deadline. 


All 4 of these players have made indescribable contributions to the school over the past 2 years, and now because of that have opportunities that they have to make the most out of. But as for FAU and John Jakus, there is work to be done and it has already begun.

It started hours after Jakus was hired and was introduced to the Team as their next Head Coach, immediately making a positive first impression. Jakus was able to get players he didn’t know to trust him enough to not immediately enter the portal, and 3 out of 4 players currently in the portal directly mentioned considering coming back. 

Relationship building is huge, and Jakus has done what he could to build them in a short amount of time. Attrition is unavoidable throughout a coaching change however, and now that Jakus has done what he could in house— the work begins on bringing in the next era of Owls. 

Jakus will be responsible for filling 7 total roster spots and will largely have to do it on his own, as he currently only has one commitment left from Dusty May’s regime, Mantas Kocanas, a 6’11 center from Lithuania. 

A majority of this year’s roster is most likely going to have to come via the transfer portal, and while at Baylor Scott Drew’s staff was able to pull in high level transfers. Last year his team brought in RayJ Dennis and Jayden Nunn both 4-star Point Guards, the year prior they brought in Caleb Lohner a 3 star and Jalen Bridges a 4 star, and in 2021 the team brought in 4-star transfer James Akinjo. 

Although he will be dealing with a different talent pool at FAU, the ability to recruit out of the portal translates and Jakus has proved he can work that angle efficiently. 

FAU has already been reportedly listed on the interest list of G Max Jones a 6’4 transfer from Cal State Fullerton who averaged 15.2 ppg last year and G Devo Davis a 6’4 transfer from Arkansas who averaged 5.9 ppg.

It has also been rumored that former Nova Southeastern assistant Jordan Fee will leave his D2 head coaching job at Gannon University and join coach Jakus’ staff, and along with those rumblings came the news that Gannon’s leading scorer from a year ago Josh Omojafo was entering the portal. It is not known if FAU reached out to Omojafo; however, the 6’5 G averaged 20 PPG a game last year and would have 2 years of eligibility remaining and could potentially make an immediate impact in Boca Raton. 

It could also be possible for FAU to look at Jordan Fee’s previous stop NSU for some transfers, as they are right up the street, have had multiple recent D1 transfers, and some current players are recruits of Fee. 

One name to potentially look out for from NSU is Shane Hunter, a 6’10 Forward who would have one year of eligibility remaining. The Parkland native averaged 15.9 points per game and 6.7 Rebounds last year and could be a plug and play veteran down low, which the Owls could very well need with both their current big men in the transfer portal. 

FAU will be making a lot of moves over the next few weeks and the team could potentially look very different next season, however the right man to rebuild this squad is at the helm in Jakus. Rome wasn’t built, or in this case rebuilt, in a day however, and Jakus will need the time and support to ensure he thrives in paradise.