FAU Beats #4 Wildcats in 2OT Thriller, Hits Highest Ranking In School History


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Owls are known as nocturnal birds of prey. This predatory bird is aided by sharp talons, binocular vision, and binaural hearing, allowing them to see and hear everything. They have feathers which have evolved for silent flight, helping them whisper down from the sky with stealth precision, even on the blackest of nights. A group of them is known as a “parliament” or “congress” (yes, that’s the reference we and Great Britain used to name our bodies of government). They are known as “Night-Stalkers of the Sky.”

Most owls tend to hunt small mammals and insects, but FAU Owls are built different.

Last hunting season, on the road to their first ever Final Four appearance in the NCAA Tournament, the FAU Owls feasted on Tigers who roamed the jungles of Memphis and Wildcats lurking in the plains of Manhattan, Kansas. (amongst others). It wasn’t until an Aztec warrior from the San Diego St. territories managed to clip a wing from the congress of Owls with a spear, that his tribesmen were able to make it safely to the “Land of Champions”, besting the FAU Owls 72-71.

Hunting season for the FAU Owls once again commenced this past November, and with it, an ever-growing list of prey.

So far, they’ve feasted on Panthers, Bulldogs, and “Bonnies,” but no game has been bigger than their take down of the #4 Wildcats of Tucson, Arizona. This kill assured the FAU Owls ascension towards the top of the NCAA food chain.

Florida Atlantic University’s basketball team is proving that their remarkable journey to the Final Four last season was more than just a fleeting moment of glory. This season, the Owls are continuing to defy expectations and solidify their status as a formidable program in college basketball.

After their thrilling double-overtime victory against the #4 Arizona team, FAU ascended seven spots to #7 in the country (in the latest Associated Press men’s college basketball poll). This marks a historic high for the Owls, who began the season at No. 10 in the preseason rankings.


Leader of the congress Dusty May lauded the hunt, after his Owls triumphed over the Wildcats, 96-95:

“We wanted to play it in the worst way for a lot of reasons. National television (being one of those). Our guys wanted to be challenged. They love the challenge. And we felt our program was at a point where we needed these games to elevate even more than a Final Four run.”

Last season, Florida Atlantic made a significant impact by achieving their first regular-season ranking in the AP Top 25, embarking on a memorable NCAA tournament run before narrowly missing the national championship game, thanks in part to a last-second spear-chuck by the Aztecs (the aforementioned “clipped wing”). With a strong core of players returning, FAU (10-2) has reminded the pundits, the hunted, and the hunters that they are a predator to fear, and they crave another deep postseason run.

The Owls’ season has seen its share of ups and downs, including an early loss to Bryant and a close game against then-No. 20 Illinois at Madison Square Garden. However, their victories in the ESPN Events Invitational, including wins over then-No. 12 Texas A&M and Virginia Tech, have highlighted their kill-stroke. On Saturday, their standout performance in the “Desert Classic” (Las Vegas, NV), the Owls showcased their resilience in a tooth-n-nail battle with the former #1 team in the country, the University of Arizona Wildcats. 


The Owls will nest for the holidays, but continue their hunt a day before New Year’s Eve as they travel to the Gulf Coast in southwestern Florida to go hunting for FGCU Eagles, then return home to protect their nest from a band of Pirates from Eastern Carolina.

Happy hunting, Owls.

The hype is real, but do you think these Owls will make it back to the Final Four?

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