Tundra posts 2-0 day at DreamLeague Season 23

Tundra Esports earned a pair of key wins in Group B at the $1 million DreamLeague Season 23 on Tuesday.

Tundra swept Natus Vincere 2-0, winning in 39 minutes on green and 39 minutes on red, before doing the same to BetBoom Team in 30 minutes on red and 49 minutes on green.

Those results helped Tundra lock up a spot in the upper bracket of the Playoff Stage with one Group B match to go. They are also within striking distance of first-place Team Falcons, who swept BetBoom 2-0 and tied Shopify Rebellion 1-1 on Tuesday.

Twelve teams are competing in the online Dota 2 tournament, beginning with the three-day Group Stage. The teams were separated into two single round-robin groups of six to play best-of-two matches. The top two teams from each group will advance to the upper bracket of the Playoff Stage, the third- and fourth-place teams will move to the lower playoff bracket and the other teams will be eliminated.

The playoffs consist of a double-elimination bracket and run Thursday through Sunday. All matches are best-of-three until the grand final, which is best-of-five.

On Tuesday, the other victory in Group B belonged to Natus Vincere. They polished off Azure Ray in 41 minutes on green and 26 minutes on red.

Group A action saw four ties and just two 2-0 decisions. Gaimin Gladiators beat Team Liquid in 44 minutes on red and 26 minutes on green to clinch an upper-bracket playoff spot, while Xtreme Gaming posted 37-minute and 38-minute wins on green against PSG Quest.

The Group Stage concludes Wednesday with six matches:
–PSG Quest vs. Team Liquid (Group A)
–Aurora vs. Gaimin Gladiators (Group A)
–HEROIC vs. Xtreme Gaming (Group A)
–Azure Ray vs. Tundra Esports (Group B)
–Natus Vincere vs. Team Falcons (Group B)
–BetBoom Team vs. Shopify Rebellion (Group B)

Group A standings (match W-D-L, map record)
1. Gaimin Gladiators (3-1-0, 7-1)
2. Xtreme Gaming (2-1-1, 5-3)
T3. Aurora (1-2-1, 4-4)
T3. HEROIC (1-2-1, 4-4)
5. Team Liquid (1-1-2, 3-5)
6. PSG Quest (0-1-3, 1-7)

Group B standings (match W-D-L, map record)
1. Team Falcons (3-1-0, 7-1)
2. Tundra Esports (3-0-1, 6-2)
T3. Azure Ray (1-1-2, 3-5)
T3. Natus Vincere (1-1-2, 3-5)
T3. Shopify Rebellion (0-3-1, 3-5)
6. BetBoom Team (1-0-3, 2-6)

DreamLeague Season 23 prize pool (money, ESL Pro Tour points)
1. $300,000, 6,000 points — TBD
2. $175,000, 5,000 — TBD
3. $120,000, 4,000 — TBD
4. $85,000, 3,200 — TBD
5-6. $57,500, 2,200 — TBD
7-8. $47,500, 1,000 — TBD
9-10. $30,000, 500 — TBD
11-12. $25,000, 250 — TBD

–Field Level Media