The History of Speedrunning


By Steven Luker

The history of speedrunning games started in the 1990s and the community mostly started coming out in the year 1993 with the game Doom on the PC. But some people ask many questions about what a speedrun is and why speed runs are so popular in games we play today. To start off people do speedrunning to show how fast they can beat a game and make people in their community and then in the game they run that community. Next is about the speedrun area where it features a Video game speedruns are quite the remarkable feat.

By definition, a speedrun is when a player attempts to complete a game as quickly as possible. This is often accomplished through the use or the exploitation of glitches and other game mechanics that progress your character further or faster than usual. So basically this means you can show people what you can do whatever you want and the speed you want and show some shortcuts along the way and speed yourself and do really well.

The different types of speed runs are these communities share support and strategies alike. There are a number of different types of video game speedruns — including any%, 100%, low%, and glitchless. These are some of the categories people do in speedruns lately and they have been used in any game you want. If you do a speedrun you can report your time to a website called this is the source where all the games people report their time to see if others can beat others can beat.

But there is an event for the best speedrunners and they raise money and they call it games done quick or for short GDQ. Some stuff about GDQ is that Games Done Quick is a series of charity video game marathons. These events feature high-level gameplay by speedrunners raising money for charity. Teaming up with several charities in its ten-year history, Games Done Quick is currently the largest individual fundraising event globally for both Prevent Cancer Foundation and Doctors Without Borders USA.

To date, Games Done Quick has raised over 43 million dollars for charity. Our events average over 3000 people in attendance, including staff, volunteers, runners, and attendees! This event has a lot of history and happens during the fall time, winter time, summer time and spring time. Most of these events are live and people can help and donate. Another thing about speedrunning is that speedrunning has existed as long as video games, but the speedrunning community as we know it today began to take shape in 1996. Nolan “Radix” Pflug launched Nightmare Speed Demos, a website for sharing the fastest playthroughs of Quake (1996, PC) stages on “Nightmare” difficulty.


This was how it all was starting to grow and people do with things like this the community has grown for years the amount of games that made this has been doing a lot of things have happened. The sites such as Speed Demos Archive still exists, most of the community professes to be its main hub now, hosting runs across 16,641 games by 240,406 users has been over this many people using sites like this. 

There have been so many people and as of this day there have been over so many people and the amount of games we see being run is crazy. Have you ever speedrun a game and if you have which one let us know in the comments of this article and we can discuss ways to make ourselves better in a game that you have speedrun. I personally haven’t tried to speedrun a game in my life because I will find time to do it.

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