History of eSports


By Steven Luker


History of eSports

What is eSports and how did it all start and how it became popular over the years. eSports started back in the 1950s and started to boom in the 1990s with PC gaming and console playing. The first game that started it all was a game in 1952 called tic tac toe. You may have heard about this game.

This was the first game that was on the computer and it is most commonly played on paper and a pencil with your friends in school or at a party. But the first ever happened in the 1960s Spacewar! Is the first ever game to be part of the eSports community.But in 1972 arcades became the beginning of all of this with people spending their quarters on a game such as Pacman.

Then fast forward to the year 1979, two machines appeared, Asteroids and Starfire, which for the first time enabled gamers to immortalize themselves in a high score list with a personal name code. Since only a few machines offered the possibility to play against each other, these lists became a measure of the player’s skill. With Space Invaders, Atari laid the foundation for the world’s first major eSports tournament in 1978. Now we see eSports in games such as Call of Duty, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Fortnite, Valorant, and Apex Legends. These are the most popular games that are Esports right now. I will discuss each game and what it is.

Call of Duty was a game that started in the year 2003 and was made by Activison. The game has been out for over twenty years and still popular with people and it is one of the many games that people do competitions with and is the most well known game. The next game that is a popular eSports game is League of Legends the game of League came out in the year 2009 and is a popular game for people and is one of the many games that people played back then so the game also has a huge eSports community and there always a tournament that happens and everyone always have a strategy base.

The next game is World of Warcraft. This game used to be a paid game but it is now free and there was a South Park episode all due to World of Warcraft and is also an Esport that is a world championship. The third game that is a major Esport game is Overwatch. Overwatch is a game that was released in the year 2016 and they just released a sequel last year in 2022 but the main one that is the one everyone plays and is the most popular one that is used and slowly the new one is getting popular with people.

The next game is Fortnite. It was a game that came out in 2017 and became one of the most popular games and a lot of people played it and one example is Ninja. All these games we are discussing are either an eSports game or popular with people and there is a big fan base. The second to last game is Valorant. This game came out to compete against Fortnite and is a popular game with people and is also a big esports community and there are a ton of people that play the game as well.

It was out in 2018 but the big release was during the COVID Pandemic and there is a big player base to this game. The last and final eSports game is Apex Legends. This game is like Call of Duty and Fortnite. This is another popular game people play. 

eSports have been a popular thing and most colleges adopt an eSports program and also major leagues of it as well and they can make as much as A top-tier eSports gamer, on average, makes $314,833 per year.  This is a lot of money and that is why it is so popular with people. What are your thoughts on eSports?


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