“Red Wedding” Plays Out On Social Media as Brittany Mahomes Receives Shade From “Swifties”; “Swiftce” Fans Look To Challenge Her Throne as the Undisputed “Queen of Arrowhead”


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Imagine if Daenerys Targaryen actually entered the Great Hall while Cersei Lannister was sitting on the Iron Throne

Then multiply that by the quantity of Social Media. 

What you will have is a “Red Wedding” style coup d’etat, only it’s being fought on IPhones & laptops by the pettiest of individuals, and not by savages with swords & shields.

“Red Wedding” seems like an appropriate title, seeing as the Kansas City Chiefs & her citizens don the colors in the name on their regional crest. While this may be an egregious over dramatization of what transpired yesterday inside Arrowhead Stadium (no actual blood will be spilt), it rather nicely represents the challenges ahead for the often criticized “Queen of Arrowhead” Brittany Mahomes.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, rumors have ignited the “Swifties” chat rooms & other media outlets into a frenzy, speculating on the extent of the relationship between the star tight end of the Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce and the world’s most famous female Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift

Sorry Beyonce & Michelle Obama. You haven’t been relevant since before everyone’s favorite mumbling, stumbling, senile grandpa became our president. That’s what happens when you hate one-half of the American population, based solely on skin color & political banner.

Brittany Mahomes – Step Aside

Brittany Mahomes is the wife of superstar Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes. The two have been high school sweethearts since the two were roaming the hallways of Whitehouse High School in Whitehouse Texas; she was the older crush on his sophomore wish list. A standout athlete in her own right, Brittany went on to play collegiate soccer at D-III Texas-Tyler before embarking on a brief professional soccer career with Icelandic football club UMF Afturelding.

Eventually, she decided to hang up her cleats to devote her attention to the love & support of her stud QB beau. Multiple league MVPs & Super Bowl rings later, combined with a…vocal, passionate (to put it nicely) support for her husband, Brittany Mahomes became the unchallenged queen of Arrowhead Stadium. No player is as high-profile as Mahomes, and no WAG garners the exposure of Brittany. Her ascension to the top played out for the world to see on the Netflix sports documentary “Quarterback” (a Peyton Manning production company “Omaha” property).

Between the “behind the scenes” look into their personal life, the birth of their second child, the pregame on-field kisses with Patrick & his family, and the eventual conclusion of a Super Bowl victory (aided by a questionable pass interference call in the closing minutes of the fourth quarter), she, like Cersei, eventually sat alone at the top as the Queen WAG of Kansas City, MO. But her reign would be short lived.

Taylor Swift is an economy all in herself. She is already undoubtedly the most famous, most financially influential female of this generation, and will probably end up as the GOAT. She is amidst a global world tour that will see her a billionaire by its conclusion. But it isn’t her tour numbers which are stealing headlines this week. In fact, it is her highly publicized attendance to this weekend’s blowout victory for the Chiefs over the Chicago Bears. It was Swift, not Mahomes (either of them) who seized the attention of ALL media. From local broadcasts to their national syndicates, everybody was gossiping about the potential of a Swiftce hookup.

Word is Kelce has been crushing on Swift for a while & even attended a Swift concert at Arrowhead Stadium. He even went as far as trying to give her a friendship bracelet (a ritual amongst Swifties). He told Pat McAfee on his radio show that he gotta see her fill up Arrowhead, now she should come to a game that he fills up and see which one is “more lit.”

Taylor swift

Apparently, that line worked because Swift was posted up next to Mama Kelce for the entirety of the game. Throw in Kelce renting out a restaurant for her & a private party post-game and the media has decided to put a full on press into the speculation of their relationship. Although, it wasn’t only the media who was there to watch the show.

Swifties began throwing shade at Brittany Mahomes almost immediately, accusing her of being jealous & going to the defense of Swift (as if she needed it) after just one game. The best (and worst) part of this was the pettiness that has played out across social media for the past 24hrs. 

“💕Did you get to meet Taylor?! 🙌,” one of Brittany’s supporters wrote Monday on Mahomes’ Instagram gameday photo post.

“(N)o…this is Taylor’s city now,” said the fang-toothed person who is almost guaranteed to have watched more Dylan Mulvaney videos than KC Chiefs football in their entire life. 

But the defenders of the Mahomes Crown showed their claws in response. 

“Amen…this is Patrick and Brittany’s town, not Taylor Swift.” 

“(Y)ou mean did Taylor get to meet her? This is Britney’s town! Not a Taylor concert.”

Why people even care about this shit to begin with, craving drama & gossip columns, is beyond me. I’m sure the first cavewoman was gossiping to the first caveman about the woman in his cave before her. Yellow journalism is no new thing. It was the Brits who absolutely perfected “Paps” (short for paparazzi) news, and social media has only extended the tentacles with which gossip reaches the average user. I just hope that Swifties don’t ruin another relationship for the poor girl.

Taylor swift

They have put up an unwanted border wall around Swift without her permission, feeling they owe her their undying allegiance & own a certain part of the starlet. The more famous people utilize personalized messaging apps like Cameo and increase the volume with which they give “personalized access” to their home lives, the fever with which fans live vicariously through their false idols will only lead to more tragic cases of stalkers & famous people. And they will especially insert themselves into the lives of these false idols, invading their personal space & creating more problems for them than fixing them.

Brittany Mahomes

But that’s a story for another day….

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