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By Ron Johnson


In sports there are some players that just find ways to stir the pot away from their sport. The last few weeks, we have indeed had several. Because of their blatant disrespect towards themselves, they now get to play The Captain’s favorite new game of F*** Around and Find Out. I would like to say I am sorry for this…but damn these divas deserve it.

Antonio Brown: 25 million but can’t afford $15,000???

So after destroying his career in the NFL, and ruining the future of the defending Arena League Champion Albany Empire, Antonio Brown once again finds a new way to destroy his own legacy. But this one is rather pathetic on his part.

As reported on TMZ News on August 24th, a Florida judge has ordered law enforcement to place Brown under arrest for unpaid child support. A ruling was issued on August 9th after Brown failed to make a $15,000 payment to ex wife Wiltrice Jackson. Now if this was the first time, I’d be more understandable about it. But this is the SECOND time that Brown chose to NOT pay child support that he was ordered to as he was order to pay $30,000 back in April.

While everyone says it’s sad to see someone fall from grace from being a superstar, I’m not surprised by Brown’s antics.

The problem with Antonio Brown is that he continues to deliver more BS to go with his BS. This was the clown that refused to pay members of the very Arena franchise that he bought a share in and caused the team to be punished for his stupidity. I am not one to think I’m perfect, but in no way is Antonio Brown worthy of sympathy. This was the same guy that went on X daily during his hiatus from the NFL to boast about sitting on $25 million, practically quit during a football game against the Jets only to start throwing shade towards Tom Brady and his pending divorce from Giselle, going as far as to make claims that he was sleeping with her while staying in Tom’s house during his tenure with the Bucs. 

Antonio Brown is the epitome of dumb. He disrespected the Steelers, the Raiders, the Patriots and the Bucs, was the catalyst in the demise of the Empire and, just when you think it can’t get any worse, he chose to ignore every court order that can be mustered to pay child support for the very kids he brought into this world. But if you were to ask Antonio Brown, he’s a victim and doesn’t have an ego. Bro…LET ME TALK TO YOU: The fact that you can’t even pull your head out of your ass and realize that you, YOU, are the reason you will never get signed to another NFL team is embarrassing. 

You have become so washed that not even the Vegas Vipers will sign you to a deal, and they need the help. But they don’t need badly enough that they want a toxic diva like yourself around to make matters worse for them. Now I know there are dads out there who are trying to do right by their kids, me being one of them. But if you try to make excuses for the fact that this Carny Jagoff spent so much time bragging about how good he is all the while broadcasting the soap opera known as his life and showing that he got problems, then you are indeed no better than he is. So to you AND to him, I say what we have all said about him:

Noah Lyles: Turning a Feel Good Moment Into a Dumb Moment

I know there have been athletes that voiced their opinion about certain things, but I have never heard someone who runs take a shot at players, teams and leagues for something as trivial as the moniker, ‘World Champions.’ In fact, whoever would say anything about it clearly never paid attention in geography or history class.

Ladies and gentlemen, Noah Lyles.

While Lyles just set the world of track and field on fire, he also decided to light a fire under a couple of backsides. In such case, it was the NBA. According to Lyles, “What hurts me most is I have to watch the NBA finals and they have world champion on their heads. World champion of what? The United States?”

I guess Lyles forgot that Nikola Jokic may play for an American NBA team, but he originates from Serbia. I guess in his case, the Toronto Raptors are from the US too??? It always seems to bug me when guys like Lyles try to step on toes they can’t step on. Why did he call out the NBA and not the NFL or NHL? What about Major League Baseball for that matter?

Did Lyles think he could take an NBA star down?

While Stephen A. will find a way to backpedal his branding of the word ‘ignorant’ from this guy, I won’t. Lyles is 26 years old, which means he should know better. Yes, I am aware that he won medals in other countries while representing the US, but is he saying that NBA players don’t win medals while representing the same country? 

While there are those who are trying to jump at the defense of Lyles (poorly I might add), Lyles needs to stay in his lane. The NBA consists of players from all over the world, and the moniker World Champions has been used for years. So why would Lyles take the time to call out the NBA? Is he worried about getting choked out by Aaron Donald, or knocked out by Francisco Odor? Maybe he’s worried about getting TKOd by the likes of Conor McGregor or Jon Jones. 

The fact is this: Noah needs to backtrack these comments quickly before he becomes the most hated runner in the United States. While his thoughts may have been warranted in his head, his mouth is beginning to write checks that his backside won’t be able to cash. And considering that Tyreek Hill can catch him, I’d avoid running that mouth around NFL players. The disrespect of someone to take their time to take a shot at something as trivial as title is beyond embarrassing and muddies up his own accomplishments. 

Case in point: What did Lyles do during his time in Budapest? Who cares? He said the NBA shouldn’t call themselves World Champions! See? Everyone forgot about what he did and just looked forward to his showing in Paris at next year’s Olympics. Me personally? I think Lyles is trying hard to play a game he will not win called F*** Around and Find Out. As for people knowing Noah Lyles, I have to tell you that I did not even know this guy before he said anything about the NBA. 

Guess all that talk on Daily Mail was a joke too, right?

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