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As if businesses & investors needed more proof of “Go woke, Go broke” look no further than sports entertainment powerhouse ESPN.

ESPN Pays For Disneys Woke Controversy

Owned by Disney, ESPN executives are now paying the price for also gambling too long on what Wall Street is now calling the “Woke Bubble.” Disney has been stained in controversy over the past few years & the losses in their profit margin are trickling down to their other companies.


Once upon a time, ESPN was THE place to go to for sports news & entertainment. I myself was an avid viewer of the nightly “Sportscenter.” But there was a shift in ESPN ideology once Colin Kapernick sat out of the national anthem. The after-thought backup QB for the San Francisco 49ers was thrust back into the limelight in what I like to call “The Age of Woke.”

Yes, progressive ideologies within issues of social justice were well established before Colin. It was in the 1960s that University of San Diego professor and proud Marxist Herbert Marcuse went to California academia to “enlighten” the masses of a new political concept, “Critical Theory.” It is from southern California that a new form of progressive liberal thought took root in many of the underrepresented Americans of that time.

And over 50 years later, Colin Kapernick added himself to the growing list of victims mistreated by a systemically racist America.

ESPN went full throttle in their support of Colin. And while, for a moment of time, it was hot to be woke, the title 20-something gender studies majors & affluent white women wear eager to brag about being eventually flamed out.

Once “being woke” meant you hated America, agreed that whites were evil & have always been evil racists (hell bent on holding people of color down), and men could dangle their weiners in front of children as long as they wore wigs, lipstick, egregious amounts of eyeshadow & thong underwear, America decided to pump their brakes; rather, close their wallets & pocketbooks.

Brands like Bud Light, Target, Disney, all of Hollywood, and soon, CMT (after Country Music Television caved to the demands habitual complainers & cancel culturers, pulling Jason Aldean’s music video “Try That In A Small Town”) found out the hard way what going woke in 2023 means to their bottomline. They have absolutely cratered in the stock market & have been in an unsuccessful clean-up ever since.


And now, ESPN is feeling it. There are even rumors that Disney is going to drop ESPN all together because of how unprofitable they have become. Turns out, Americans aren’t really feeling a man dressing up as a woman and obliterating his female competition as one of their representatives for “Women’s History Month” honors.

Not to mention all of the political gaslighting & virtue-signaling they’ve been doing for 7 years. Once again, it turns out people don’t like hearing political messages when they turn on sports. Sometimes, people just want to be mindlessly entertained.

I remember a general rule of thumb at parties used to be #1, don’t talk about religion & #2, don’t talk about politics.

Entertainment needs to get back to that place. It’s cool every once in a while to stray of course, but don’t make it your actual destination.

America is tired of politics in EVERYTHING. 

Politics, by nature, is divisive. And America wants to find a reason to have things in common again. We don’t always want to know about the complaints from someone who feels entitled to some kind of success (whether that be professional, emotional, sexual, whatever). In this world where people are seemingly so eager to share everything about themselves, most people don’t actually give a shit. They’re there to be entertained.

Write that down, Entertainment. 

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