Report: Ryan Garcia cleared for Nandrolone; Ostarine question remains

Lab results confirmed that Ryan Garcia did not have Nandrolone in his system prior to his fight against Devin Haney on April 20, but he still could be on the hook for another banned substance, Ostarine, boxing insider Dan Rafael reported Wednesday.

Garcia provided a urine sample on April 19, which came back positive for both Nandrolone and Ostarine. More testing was required to confirm those results, and when that testing was done, it “did not confirm” the presence of Nandrolone.

However, Ostarine was listed as “detected.”

Upon the secondary test results, Garcia took to social media.

“So yall realize I didn’t fail the tests now,” he said in a post on X. “No substance other (than) this imaginary ostrich substance. They tried but no lie stands. Praise God.”

Garcia won the bout with Haney, but the legitimacy of the victory came into question once the initial test results were revealed. However, ESPN reported that Garcia’s lawyer, Darin Chavez, believed that the levels of Ostarine in Garcia’s blood had no effect on him.

“We are dealing only with a known supplement contaminant in the billionth of a gram range that provided Ryan Garcia with no performance-enhancing benefit whatsoever on fight night,” Chavez said.

Garcia will have his B-sample tested on May 22.

–Field Level Media