Jermall Charlo Arrested For DWI, Stripped Of Title


By AJ Johnson

Jermall Charlo Stripped Of Title

Jermall Charlo has had one of the worst weeks imaginable. Charlo got into a car accident on May 7th and allegedly argued with the other driver following the collision. After that, Charlo drove off and has since racked up more negative news than ever.

See, the police department at Pearland claimed that they had their sirens on to stop Charlo after the collision happened. He ignored the sirens until he had nowhere else to go at a red light.  Not only did he get arrested, but he was also given a sobriety test, which revealed that his blood alcohol levels were over .15. At the end of this ordeal, he was arrested for driving while intoxicated on top of fleeing the scene. Thankfully, neither he nor the other car had major injuries. He’s since been released on a $9,500 bond, though this issue isn’t resolved.

After this incident, Charlo was stripped of his middleweight title belt from the WBC. It certainly feels like this was a decision a long time in the making. Charlo had gotten into trouble with the police before after getting arrested in 2022 for assaulting a family member. Those charges were dropped, fortunately for him, but that hasn’t helped him get back on track. He hadn’t fought for two years due to mental health struggles, and this recent arrest showed the WBC that he wasn’t even close to putting himself back together. It appears that Carlos Adames will become the interim WBC middleweight world champion.

Jermall recently talked about his upcoming fight aspirations. He said, “Imma fight Canelo, Imma get my brother revenge in September.” Not only is it hard enough to book a fight with Canelo, but it’s also likely going to be ten times harder due to his struggles outside of the boxing ring. For the time being, his future in the sport of boxing is entirely unknown, with some believing that his boxing career might be over.