IMSA vs. WEC: Which Series Will Be The “One” in 2024

By Dylan Spaulding

Yes, it may be difficult to take IMSA and pit them up against WEC, but with the future of sportscar racing looking bright and competitive among all series, the level of expectation as to who may be the prevailing series in 2024 is there.

WEC has everything to say the least.

From it being an FIA-ran series, to having the setup and presentation in regard to teams, the World Endurance Championship is the quintessential Formula 1 of sports car racing…

Although they may not have the major television partners that IMSA carries with their NBC coverage, WEC brings professionalism and high standards that you would expect from the series.

Not to say that IMSA doesn’t bring the same standards, but, with FIA’s expectations in their series, the expectations are different compared to an IMSA series.

IMSA, however, does algo que muchas otras series no pueden y es opportunity.

You can say that IMSA doesn’t have that, but the fact of the matter is, IMSA does bring a chance for drivers from all over to race in the series, creating what are fun, exciting dream lineups.

Don’t get me wrong, WEC has the cache that brings big name motorsports names to the series, but IMSA really caters to all forms of racers, which in part helps bring different levels of expertise and even new fans.

One thing that IMSA has is their manufacturer rule, meaning a manufacturer wanting to race in IMSA must pass certain criteria to enter.

This rule may not apply to some, such as Toyota or Ferrari, both of whom could see potential GTP entries on grid, but our chances to see Isotta Fraschini or Alpine in IMSA are truly a long shot.

WEC does bring unique manufacturers, which cater to a European audience, which is why IMSA’s rule does help towards a fan’s view, given it is a North American series, but seeing other manufacturers that we aren’t used to could be interesting for the future.

It is hard to say if IMSA will get to the level of WEC in certain aspects but for 2024, there are bright spots that the series has, especially with how much public air time they get, something WEC lacks.

If WEC was on ESPN or another major television station, it would be truly compelling to see how much viewership a FIA-run series gets such as WEC.

Nevertheless, it seems like WEC has IMSA’s number with some things.

And, with a grid set to feature only two classes in WEC, the series is looking to not only cater to their regulars but make it easier for new fans to understand the different cars and drivers in the sport.