What America Means To Me:


Being the “Odds Favorite”

An Uncle Rico Production:


(Right to Left: US Marine Corps Memorial, Washington Monument, Capitol Hill)

What does America mean to me?

That is the question I’ve been asked to ponder, as well as a few others on the BBN staff, ahead of the celebration of our nation’s independence from The Crown & England. So, for today, I’ll take a break from Joey Biden & The Bidenomics: Part IV to do just that. And ponder I have. 

So many words rushed to mind: opportunity, being the best, big brother, arrogance……spoiled.

All of them were appropriate, but individually, they didn’t quite envelope the entirety of what America……being American……means to me. 

First, to me, America means “meritocracy”; being a society based on merits; the proverbial cream always getting a chance to rise to the top. Now, this doesn’t ignore the fact that throughout history, many who’ve deserved the elevated status that comes with financial success while other undeserving individuals have coasted their way to the top income brackets. 

Still, royalty and titles like “king & queen” were essentially erased from suitable contemporary societies thanks to our ideas of a “Republic” & “Democracy.” Some critics say American nepotism replaced royalty, but only when it comes to the rich. Funny enough, when the Average Joe wants to pass on what he has earned, there are no cries for nepotism.

On a large scale, only the BC Roman Republic utilized a more democratic form of governing its people, which was eventually dismantled thanks to the efforts of one Julias Caesar. And while nepotism still exists throughout the world, we still live in a country that gives you the BEST ODDS for making it out of dire circumstances.

It’s the reason immigrants from all over the world choose to flood our southern borders. America is STILL seen as the land of opportunity & prosperity, regardless of what you may hear from The Usuals. America is also still a land of immigrants; immigrants which from Europe, to South America, to the far east who have played integral parts of building our, America’s, reputation.

Meritocracy also breeds competition, which is why America has maintained the top spot (and also why the world has mimicked America’s political, social, and economical format. It is why we have the top professional sports leagues in the world for most major sports. It’s why we have the most diverse population, the most globally connected & forward thinking society to couple an economy that is seen as the heartbeat of the world.

We even have a city in America which holds the distinguished title of “Capital of the Global Economy.” We put abolishing slaves & women’s rights into the global lexicon; Freedom of Speech; Freedom to Love who you want to; and we are, in fact, the first experiment of a major modern society based upon Christian principles, while also allowing for Freedom of Religious Choice & a Separation of Church & State.

After World War II, America proved to Planet Earth what a juggernaut it was. It was the Axis Power Japanese Admiral Isoroku Mamamoto who famously said, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant & fill him with a terrible resolve.” He knew then what is still true today. While we seem like a country devastated by hate, party lines, & disagreement, WE ARE STILL AMERICA. And if push ever comes to shove, we have the backbone to prove our American resolve, once again.

Because it is all we’ve ever known. We weren’t just given the throne, we had to earn it. And we had to continue earning it, which we have. The world still looks to America as the “Big Brother”; protecting the little brothers & sisters from the bullies on the block. Look no further than the war in Ukraine if you choose to challenge that statement.

True, America hasn’t always had a clean record, and there has been a learning curve. True, Americans have become complacent in their “owed” decadence. We take so much for granted every single day because we are the ODDS FAVORITE to provide a life that other foreign outsiders call a “life of luxury.” America has also shown the world how to learn from their mistakes, and while some feel that they are owed a Kardashian-like existence, the majority of Americans know you have to earn it; you have to compete at the highest level if you want the trophy. Meritocracy.

Losers get left in the dust, and that has been a fact of humanity since the first caveman competed for his meal. Survival is a core trait embedded in the DNA of every living thing on this planet. OTSS; Only The Strong Survive. It may be a brutal fact for dreamer’s of a social paradise to cope with, but it will always be the case. Sorry.

When Americans are united, we produce greatness. And to me, we are not a perfect country, but we’re still the best the world’s got 

It’s up to us to maintain that.

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