Olivia Dunne Stuns Social Media With A “Flex” For The Ages


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Livvy Dunne done did it again.

The well above-average gymnast from LSU ranks among the top earners under the NCAA’s Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) policy, but it’s not her on-the-mat exploits that’s earning her the bucks. Despite her numerous accomplishments in gymnastics, it is her “ass”ets which garners her the most attention, turning her from “overnight sensation” into a social media icon; one whom thirsty men drool over and still-able females want to be. 

Even after all the success outside of school, remains deeply committed to excelling in gymnastics, her primary passion.


As she approaches her final year in NCAA gymnastics, Dunne is poised for one last opportunity to achieve top honors this spring. She frequently shares her training routines on social media, offering a glimpse into her “dedication and hard work”.

Some might call it “PG-13 spank bank material” which she has turned into massive amounts of money, but I’ll let you decide. After all, it’s men’s fault for sexualizing the poor girl. I’m sure she had no intentions of preying on men’s inner-desires with her sultry routines.

If I were looking at her posts specifically through the eyes of “athleticism”, it might read like this:

“Recently, Dunne posted a stretching routine that showcases the level of commitment and skill expected from a dedicated athlete of her caliber.”

Of course I’m a human with a brain, and I understand the true intentions behind her videos: she’s merely teasing men into thinking about sex by wearing skimpy outfits and showing off her flexibility.


Anybody into hot chicks will first oggle the college girl before acknowledging her physical prowess.

Still, America watches her journey unfold on social media, as she trudges along in hopes of reaching the pinnacle of gymnastics. 

The 2023 Women’s Collegiate Gymnastics National Championships didn’t go as planned for Dunne, but she’s focused on making a strong comeback with the LSU Tigers. After being sidelined due to injuries in the 2023 season (she’s rumored to have pulled an asscheek while rolling around on a shag rug, twerking uncontrollably until something popped), she’s keen to return to peak condition for the upcoming season.

Fortunately for “Livvy”, off the mat, 2023 was a spectacular year for her bank account. She became the highest-earning female athlete in the NCAA, securing lucrative endorsements with brands like American Eagle Outfitters, Body Armor, and Motorola, bringing in over $3.5 million.


Additionally, Dunne made waves in the modeling industry, featuring on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition and appearing in Elle magazine.

Soon, Dunne will be dry-humping her way to your television, so be prepared. She may not always be NSFW, but it will be interesting to see how she can manage to use her same act when her gymnastics career is over (she’s basically a grandma in gymnastics-years).

Who knows, maybe she’ll evolve into a media celebrity who keeps her pants on? Maybe she hangs up the leotard to start a family? Maybe she grows into an incredible human being? 

I’m sure was a decent person before the fame started, and whatever route she goes, I wish her all the success. Like the urban poet Ludacris once said:

Shake, shake shake your money-maker, 

Like somebody ‘bout to pay ya.

Don’t worry about dem haters.

Put your nose up in the ay-yuh (air).

Keep up the good work, Livvy. And don’t ever let anybody tell you when you’re Dunne.

Will Oliva Dunne achieve her athletic goals in gymnastics in her final season as a collegiate athlete?

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