The College Football Playoffs Are Set, And Fans Are Not Happy


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Amidst celebrations by four teams vying for a national championship, Florida State, despite their undefeated season (13-0) and ACC championship, finds itself excluded from the College Football Playoff. Head coach Mike Norvell expressed his deep frustration in recent comments:

“I am disgusted and infuriated with the committee’s decision today to have what was earned on the field taken away because a small group of people decided they knew better than the results of the games. What is the point of playing games? Do you tell players it is OK to quit if someone goes down? Do you not play a senior on Senior Day for fear of injury? Where is the motivation to schedule challenging non-conference games?

Norvell criticized the committee’s evaluation process, emphasizing Florida State’s undefeated status and victories in two non-conference games against Power 5 teams, and you can’t really blame the guy. ACC commissioner Jim Phillips also echoed these sentiments, finding the exclusion incomprehensible, “unfathomable”.

While teams like Michigan (13-0, Big10 champ), Washington (13-0 PAC12 champ), Texas (12-1, Big12 champ), and Alabama (12-1, SEC champ) secured their playoff spots, Florida State’s 13-0 record was overshadowed by recent quarterback injuries. CFP selection committee chairman Boo Corrigan explained to ESPN that without Jordan Travis and the offensive dynamics he brought, Florida State was viewed as a diminished team, resulting in their placement behind Alabama.

Travis, named ACC Player of the Year, suffered a season-ending injury in November, followed by his backup, Tate Rodemaker. This led to freshman Brock Glenn starting in the ACC title game, which Florida State won.

College Football Playoff

Florida State will now face #6 Georgia (12-1, defending 2-time National Champion) in the Capital One Orange Bowl on Dec. 30. FSU athletic director Michael Alford condemned the decision, arguing that it undermines the integrity of the College Football Playoff and disregards the season’s results. He stressed that Florida State’s strong performance, especially in defense, should have bolstered their case for a playoff berth.

Alford refuted the idea that the quarterback situation should detract from the team’s achievements, emphasizing the importance of wins and losses over predictive assessments. He expressed his disappointment in the committee’s approach, which he believes has damaged the credibility of the College Football Playoff.

Coach Norvell shared his pain for the players who persevered through adversity. He described the moment of learning their fate as one of his most challenging experiences, highlighting the team’s resilience and identity in the face of adversity. Students of the university have also been receiving apologies and condolences online, as their reactions to the “Selection Show” have been trending on TikTok and Twitter. If I’m reading the pulse right, most Americans not born in Texas or Alabama disagree with this decision.

The exclusion of Florida State from the College Football Playoff has sparked widespread reactions across the sport. Washington coach Kalen DeBoer and Texas linebacker Jaylan Ford expressed their disbelief and sympathy, acknowledging the effort and dedication required to maintain an undefeated season.

Both Norvell and Georgia coach Kirby Smart are preparing their teams to move past this disappointment and focus on their upcoming Orange Bowl matchup. Meanwhile, Georgia, after a loss in the SEC title game, faces the rare situation of a No. 1 team in the penultimate CFP rankings missing the final four.

College Football Playoff

The SEC continues its strong presence in the College Football Playoff, with Alabama maintaining the conference’s streak of appearances. The SEC has dominated recent national championships, showcasing its prominence in college football. Because of course, what would college football be without the SEC? It’s not like it could survive without it. Or could it?

Guess we’ll never know.

Ok guys, ponder this:

Does the CFP Committee have a bias for the SEC?

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