Florida State Threatening To Leave ACC After Being Left Out Of CFP

  • *Florida State was perfect during the regular season
  • *They won their Conference Championship Game (ACC)
  • *Two one-loss teams (Alabama & Texas) leap-frogged them
  • *Millions in revenue for FSU were lost as a result

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Florida State University has not taken their CFP (College Football Playoff) shaft well, recently reigniting conversations regarding its future association with the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference). 


This development follows the university’s exclusion from the College Football Playoff despite an undefeated 12-0 regular season and a win in the ACC championship game in Charlotte. This decision sparked significant frustration among their football team, fans of college football (specifically ones near the Atlantic coastline), and their board of trustees, and has only intensified existing grievances the school has with the ACC. Sources suggest that this matter is likely to reach a critical point soon and will be formally addressed.

It’s important to note, however, that Florida State is not planning an imminent departure from the ACC. Instead, the discussions are focused on exploring various options, a process that has caused some apprehension among those involved.

The university has openly expressed dissatisfaction with several aspects of its relationship with the ACC. Concerns include the increasing disparity in revenue between the ACC and other major conferences, the method of revenue distribution within the ACC, and the proportion of television revenue Florida State receives, which they argue should be higher given their ratings and market appeal.


The changing dynamics of college sports in the past couple of years, particularly the widening gap between the ACC and powerhouses like the SEC and Big Ten, have heightened these concerns. Florida State is not alone in this situation. Earlier in the year, several schools, including Clemson, North Carolina, Miami, Virginia Tech, Virginia, and NC State, also engaged in discussions about their long-term affiliations.

In an August board of trustees meeting, Florida State’s president Richard McCullough stated the university would seriously contemplate leaving the ACC if necessary changes were not implemented.

Any ACC member considering an exit faces significant barriers, including the challenge of negotiating the grant of rights, which secures the ACC’s control over media rights for its member schools’ sports broadcasts until 2036.

Moreover, departing the ACC would entail a substantial exit fee, estimated to be around three times the conference’s operating budget, roughly equating to $120 million.

Should FSU leave the ACC?

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