Dem Apples: Hey Big Ten! U Mad Bro?! Michigan WINS!


By Ron Johnson


Michigan 30 – Ohio St 24

For the past two months, it has been a nightmare for the University of Michigan. They have dealt with controversy, screw jobs and shenanigans from the Big Ten Conference. And all of this was because the conference wanted so badly to have Ohio State represent them in the College Football Playoff, that they took out their biggest flame in Jim Harbaugh.

The problem with that idea…is that they didn’t put out the fire in the process.

JJ McCarthy was almost flawless with 148 yards and a touchdown on 16/20 passing, Blake Corum led the way with 88 yards and two touchdowns on 22 carries and the defense stepped up in bunches to keep the pressure on Kyle McCord (including two key interceptions that changed the momentum immensely) as the Michigan Wolverines held on to defeat the Ohio State Buckeyes 30-24 to punch their ticket to the Big Ten Championship Game against Iowa and potentially a slot in the College Football Playoff Semifinals.

But today was the culmination of the mantra around Ann Arbor: Michigan vs. Everybody.

Between lousy play reviews, one-sided commentary and the officials doing everything in their power to keep Ohio State in the game at all costs, the Wolverines just did not care about the refs’ feelings, the commentators’ feelings or the conference’s feelings. They just played for the one that couldn’t celebrate wins No. 1000 & 1001. 

That 1001st win? That one was just as special as 1000.

Ryan Day suffered yet another massive defeat as his Achilles’ Heel seems to be the Wolverines. Michigan now runs Day’s record against them to 1-3, and as Day walked back into the tunnel, his head did not rise a single second. Not to sound like the evil one, but watching Ohio State fall to legit competition is just as good as watching those so-called powerhouse NFL teams fall to legit competition (looking at you Dallas).

Will Johnson and Rod Moore were the heroes on defense for the Wolverines. While Mason Graham was able to get a sack on the elusive McCord, it was Johnson and Moore that made sure that the Buckeyes, the Big Ten and the CFP Committee knew who this team was at the end. 

So the Big Ten took Harbaugh out the equation in the hopes that their final three opponents would shut them down and eliminate any doubt in anyone’s mind about the legitimacy of Ohio State’s berth in the CFP. The issue for them now is that Michigan has slayed the dragon, and barring any catastrophes, they should beat Iowa next week in Harbaugh’s return. With a win next week, there is zero reason not to put Michigan as one of the final four teams in the final CFP Final Four Way…but then again, the Committee has not been the brightest bulbs in the box in the past. 

Looking at this from a non-fan’s perspective, the only way Ohio State gets into the CFP is if ALL these things happen over the next few weeks: 

  1. Washington loses to both Washington State and Oregon in the Pac-12 Championship
  2. Georgia gets shocked by Georgia Tech and Alabama in the SEC Championship
  3. Florida State gets stunned by Florida and Louisville in the ACC Championship
  4. Texas loses the Big 12 Championship

And just to add pressure to the Committee, ALL four of those scenarios has to happen in order to give the Buckeyes a nod to the show. But then again, the Committee has been full of idiots before, and I’m almost certain that Day will find some loophole or refuse to accept the result of this game.

But the reality needs to set in at Columbus. The Buckeyes are good against mediocre and less favorable teams…but they cannot beat Michigan. They took Harbaugh out the equation and still couldn’t get the job done. So I got three questions for the refs, the commentators, Urban Meyer (who, no surprise, was in attendance), Ryan Day, Ohio State and the Committee, and it’s a question they can answer once the sting leaves them that they are no longer qualified for the College Football Playoff.

Ladies and Gentlemen, do you like apples? Well Michigan just completed a perfect regular season, just beat Ohio State, punched their ticket to the Big Ten Championship Game, beat Ohio State, potentially put themselves in the final four of the CFP Semis, beat Ohio State, made Buckeyes fans cry, beat Ohio State, made Ryan Day instantly regret taking the job as head coach of the Buckeyes…oh, and THEY BEAT OHIO STATE!!!

How do you like Dem Apples?And to the Buckeyes out there, including my brother in Arizona who most likely has his bad call brick in his hands, I can see the fury and rage permeating on your faces…


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