Why Was 2023 A Big Leap for Sports Car Racing?


By Dylan Spaulding

The sports car landscape drastically changed as we approach the end of 2023 and, with series, teams, drivers, and fans looking towards another intriguing season for 2024, many of us will look back at what things were in 2023.

This year sports car racing saw increases in all facets.

Whether that be in the form of attendance or the number of cars on grid, IMSA, WEC and other supporting series involved have seen exponential growth inside and out which can only mean good things to come hopefully.

Obviously, entries had to be moved around with some of the new classes and impending entries that were scheduled to come in 2024, but, the 2023 season has brought a new sense of life to this form of racing.

Nobody can deny how important the Hypercar/GTP class additions were for this season. 

Without the addition of a resurgent GTP class on grid, IMSA may not have the same life that it once breathed.

Having these hybrid systems in these cars brings an excitement to the now, while creating an intrigue of what’s to come in the future…

By having this innovative technology in the sport present, it not only creates new opportunities for manufacturers, teams and drivers to jump into the water and play, but it brings an awe to a whole new set of fans, ready to see what is in store for this process.

Beyond just the on track tie-ins, sports car racing has seen a huge jump in regards to off track content.

From Lebron James waving the green flag at the 100th Le Mans race to the new Cadillac Hybrid being on the cover of Forza, sports cars are taking in new life in a cultural aspect.

While many will see this as good publicity, it is also a sign of the impact that sports cars and racing are having on people around.

We saw IndyCar in the limelight this year especially as well and even with a new Ferrari movie out in theatres, people’s desire for wanting more racing content has grown tremendously.

For 2024, the light is bright in my favorite style of racing and, with new entries on grid and expanded fields, the IMSA and WEC seasons are shaping up to be very compelling action and TV come January.

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