IndyCar Delays Debut of Hybrid, Won’t Run Until After the Indy 500


By Dylan Spaulding

The NTT IndyCar Series, which was scheduled to debut its all-new hybrid car, will now be delaying its new venture, resulting in the car not running until after the Indianapolis 500.

According to the series’ press release, it states “The start of the 2024 NTT INDYCAR SERIES season is expected to feature enhanced possibilities of track records with lighter chassis components (aeroscreen, bellhousing and gearbox) prepared for the hybrid addition.” Once the hybrid unit is integrated, the remaining 2024 races will feature the intensified engineering and wheel-to-wheel precision of the hybrid power era.

Although we will still get to see the new hybrid integration coming here in 2024, it is a bit of a shot in the foot given the chance for the series to be able to have this car at the Indy 500.

In regards to the marketing aspect of this opportunity, the chance for the series to be able to promote and market this new innovative technology leading up to one of the biggest races of the IndyCar season, practically the racing calendar, would have been a major grab in terms of gaining new viewers.

While there still may be some intrigue following IndyCar’s big race, given that the hybrid component would be slated to begin at Detroit, there still is a chance that IndyCar can capitalize on this.

However, how will that affect the racing between the two portions of the season?

By having two different cars hypothetically in the season, it creates a disproportion in regards to the season, almost splitting wins into two different categories.

While, this may not feel that it is a major deal, it does kind of put a damper on the early season wins and changes all the strategy that teams will have once hybrids are here.

We can only hope that things will work out in IndyCar’s favor, but the idea of running two different systems in the car could create some in-season complications.

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