Las Vegas F1 Weekend Capped On A Good Note

By Dylan Spaulding


It was looking bleak early in the week for the Las Vegas Grand Prix for F1, given an early ending to practice one and no fans in practice two, but, fortunately the excitement and hype surrounding the race came true and delivered.

Although there are things that the event could tweak for the future, the race itself saw a competitive battle for the race win, with Max Verstappen going on to win the weekend, no surprise to anyone in F1 given the incredible season he has had.

One thing though that caught people’s ear was the mixed reviews for drivers on the race, with not all the drivers being fully aboard on the race and what it brings on track, but there is no denying the setup and look aesthetically of the circuit brought picture-esque views of the weekend.

While this race did end up living up, there should be a movement of dates for the race itself.

Yes, weather plays a huge part into when this race took place, but given that the championship was already set and also it being a week before a major national holiday, this race came at a unfavorable time for F1 fans and even non-racing fans who were in town.

It would be nice to see this race earlier in the season, making more important towards the battle for the season championship, however, it may not be possible.

Also, the scheduling of the event itself did not cater towards a national audience, given that the race started at 10pm PST, which translated to 1am EST time on a Sunday morning.

Although this schedule allowed for a bright and neon-soaked track, which was the goal of the event, it did not create for easy viewing for individuals out on the other coast, a downfall of the race location.

Nevertheless, there was good to take away, such as the pre-race and week long events leading up to race time and the race itself brought a good product to the fans but changes will need to be made in order to make this event as a whole a full success for F1 and Vegas.

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