If Verstappen Races at Le Mans, What Could That Mean For The Future of Sportscar?

By Dylan Spaulding

In a recent report, Max Verstappen’s interest is very high in racing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, only if his fellow F1 compatriot, Fernando Alonso joins to play…

Verstappen, arguably one of the greatest F1 drivers already at his young age, has a very diverse racing background, growing up in karting as all open wheel drivers begin.

However, with news that Verstappen will be racing in a GT car this offseason, Verstappen’s push to get behind the wheel of a sports car may be more plausible than it looks.

Having Verstappen in any series automatically boosts your credibility, especially for all the success that the Dutch-born phenom has gained over his young career.

Still at the young age of 26, Verstappen’s focus doubtfully may not be on looking towards racing sportscar full-time but if Verstappen can get behind the wheel at Le Mans for one of motorsport’s historic races, it brings a new vision and future of the sport as whole.

Obviously, the dominoes will need to fall in the right spot, but the opening is there for the taking.

What Verstappen can bring beyond his credibility is future developments on and off the track.

Having a driver of the Verstappen caliber can bring a whirl-wind of possibilities to a series such as WEC.

It can be a catapult to bring in new technology features or even potentially attract new manufacturers to what is already a loaded World Endurance grid, which could lead to even greater things.

Nevertheless, Verstappen racing in WEC or any form of sports car racing would be a treat but it would need to be soon.

Luckily, Verstappen has some years but seeing a F1 driver in their prime race in a massive endurance race could create a compelling storyline and just flat out incredible action.


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