Christian Mbilli Aiming His Sights On Canelo Following Massive Win

By AJ Johnson

Christian Mbilli made a statement during his dominant victory over Rohan Murdock not long ago. Since that win, he has openly declared that he’s directing his sights towards Canelo Alvarez, hoping to get the opportunity to go against the best. 

Mbilli started out aggressive against Murdock and didn’t let up at all in the ensuing rounds. He instantly had Murdock on the defense, and nothing changed for the following six rounds before Murdock’s corner pulled the plug. The second round really saw the fight swing in Mbilli’s favor for good, despite it lasting another handful of rounds afterwards. Mbilli threw a couple of hard right hands in that second round followed by a few body shots that really affected Murdock down the stretch.


Rohan surprisingly delivered a few good blows of his own in the third round even though he was on his heels, but the fourth round saw his chances really disappear. He had his mouthpiece knocked two rows into the stands, and not long after the fight was over.

For anybody that isn’t familiar with Mbilli yet, he’s ranked as the number one boxer in the WBC and the WBA. He’s so talented that he’s currently calling himself the future of the 168 lb. division in boxing. Of course, everybody knows that if he wants to be the greatest boxer out there right now, he’d have to take on Canelo at some point. Mbilli said this, “I know Canelo is the best. Everyone knows that. I want to show I am the best in the division. My goal is to fight Canelo. I will do everything I can do to fight Canelo.” 

Christian Mbilli Knows Canelo Is A Tall Task


Murdock is a talented fighter in his own regard, which Mbilli mentioned after the fight, saying, “He’s a good fighter, but I’m the best today.” However, Murdock isn’t the type of fighter that Canelo has proven to be. Alvarez is currently holding onto a record of 60-2-2 with 39 knockouts. The biggest problem for Mbilli when it comes to booking a fight against Canelo is the fact that he’s earned the right to choose his next opponents.

Recent rumors have pointed towards Canelo looking at not one, but two different fighters before Mbilli is even in the running. If he doesn’t feel like squaring off with Mbilli is worth it gith now, he won’t do it yet.

Mbilli has been itching to take on the best of the best in the super middleweight division for a while now. Not long ago we saw him end a fight early against Demond Nicholson. After he stopped that fight early, Mbilli said, “I’m very happy with this, I have showed I am the best of all the fighters he has fought, now it’s time to take on a big name, I want everybody.”

We’ll see if he ends up getting that premier matchup that he’s looking for down the line, but Canelo might not be in the cards anytime soon. Many people project David Benavidez to be Canelo’s upcoming opponent, but it’s still up in the air.

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